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Halloween 2023 Outfit Ideas in Collaboration with SHEIN

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Avoid costume clichés and get creative this Halloween, by reimagining our 2023 Time Machine-themed Pool Party characters. 

If you were at one of our 2023 Pool Parties, in collaboration with SHEIN, our immersive entertainment would have transported your mind and spirit through iconic periods in history. Your journey began with the Wild Wild West, followed by Ancient Egyptian times, before crash-landing you in the middle of a ‘bonkers’ post-apocalyptic party. If you didn’t get a chance to hop aboard our 2023 Pool Party Time Machine, flick through our Insta story highlights for a glimpse at the event.

We work with a number of incredibly talented costume designers, who take our ideas and work with our design briefs to craft them into bespoke pieces for our performers. It takes some blue-sky thinking to conceptualize the ensembles, but thanks to SHEIN you can simplify the styling and create effortless 2023 Halloween outfits that stand out in a dressed-up crowd!

We’ve researched the site to find our best picks and save you time. Shop fashion and lifestyle online at SHEIN and enjoy 15% off every order with code SHEINxOBI, applicable on Shein France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Spain and the UK. 

Rhinestone Cowgirl

This tantalising cavalry would make even John Wayne shake in his cowboy boots! Taking inspiration from Thierry Mugler’s 1992 catwalk, this is the rhinestone cowgirl costume of dreams. 

Our colour choice? Scarlet. We opted for details that moved with the dancer’s body and, as with most of our designs, caught the sunlight and sparkled. Think fringing, like on this trimmed halter top and skirt co-ord set that’s perfect for dancing in, and jewel-encrusted bodices, which you can reinvent with this sequin bustier corset top.

We were obsessed with the 2001 Agent Provocateur advert featuring Kyile Minogue, so we created a fully functioning boudoir-inspired, red velvet rodeo bull for the show and we’ve found this velvet bodycon dress for those who prefer a one-piece.

Rhinestone Cowgirl

O Beach Ibiza Pool Party Cowgirl

Step out in red cowboy boots for a close match to our dancers. SHEIN has you covered with ankle-height designs like these rhinestone-studded boots and these playfully embroidered, mid-calf boots with chunky heels for comfort. Complete your rodeo style with a red cowboy hat like this sequin-embellished option or this tasselled piece.

Red shades symbolise danger, and you’ll be sure to lure in the outlaws that need dealing with in killer looks from SHEIN.

SHEIN Rhinestone-tasselled Red Cowboy Hat

Egyptian Pharaohs

Our second Pool Party show celebrated the dynasty of Cleopatra, with appearances from the Feline goddess Bastet and a line-up of royal deities. To nod to the mystique of this early civilisation, it’s all in the details. 

Gold was thought to be the skin of gods and goddesses in the Egyptian pantheon, and you can embrace it with this bodycon cami dress.

Gold also nods to blessings from the Sun God Ra, which makes sense because every Friday at O Beach Ibiza really did have a sun-kissed touch! Pair tops like this metallic halter top with any of these gold SHEIN skirts and gold heels of course—these gold strappy sandals come with a pyramid heel. 

Egyptian Pharaohs
SHEIN Gold Strappy Sandals

Our performers were dripping in gold and you can be too with all the right accessories, like this decorative body chain.

For this era’s aerial show, a giant felucca boat reigned above the pool. It was spearheaded by asps: the Egptian symbol of power, which you can tap into with a SHEIN snake charm like this arm bangle.

You’d see blue touches on our inflatable felucca and our pharaohs’ costumes, drawing on the turquoise accents of ancient artifacts—add this multi-layer arm accessory to your look for an extra authentic touch.

O Beach Ibiza Time Machine Pool Party 2023 Egypt Ground Show
SHEIN snake charm like this arm bangle.

O Beach Ibiza 2023 Pool Party Time Machine Felucca Boat

If you’re a big believer that more is more, this gold headpiece will finish off your ancient Egyptian Halloween ‘23 outfit perfectly!

O Beach Ibiza 2023 Time Machine Pool Party Egyptian Goddesses

Party-Starved Scavenger

As night descended on the beach club this summer, so did party-starved creatures from a planet ruined by the apocalypse.

O Beach Ibiza 2023 Pool Party Time Machine Post-Apocalyptic Show
O Beach Ibiza 2023 Pool Party Time Machine Pyrotechnics

The most important thing you can wear for this look is your ATTITUDE! Our performers took over the stage and dance floor, blazing through the venue with a rock’n’grunge art car and partying with the help of C02 plumes, pyrotechnics, red lights, streamers and music of course. Being rebel-ready is the base for this costume, which you can build on with separates from SHEIN.

Our dancers pieced together remains from their now-destroyed planet to create their outfits, glammed up with any party-ready items they could find: a mish-mash of materials and features including feather elements, buckle detail and lace-up fastenings reinforced with grommets.

This tube top and skirt set matches the vibe and you could layer textures as you please. You’ll need punk-ready boots to stomp your way through plans and these buckle wedge boots should keep you dancing until late.

O Beach Ibiza 2023 Pool Party Time Machine Ground Show

That’s a lot of ideas for an effortless 2023 Halloween outfit that makes sure you stand out from the usual ghouls and ghosts! Shop fashion and lifestyle online at SHEIN and enjoy 15% off every order with code SHEINxOBI, applicable on Shein France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Spain and the UK.

Behind every Pool Party story there’s a mood board inspired by film, fashion, festivals and culture. The encyclopaedic knowledge of our Musical Director and the technical expertise of our Production partners are just a few of the elements that we layer to create magic in the beach club. This sell-out event really is a labour of love—a big thank you to SHEIN for keeping us fuelled for the dance floor with complimentary water every Friday. For more insight into our larger-than-life props and interactive entertainment, take a peek inside our current Brand & Event Director’s weird and wonderful mind.

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