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Five Mins with: Jack Bullock, Resident Drummer, O Beach Ibiza

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You can’t download live music. It hits different—literally!

We know you’ve felt it, and our resident drummer Jack has too! Nostalgia, euphoria, less stress…

On that happy note, we caught up with Jack following a very special first summer together.

From as early as I can remember, I was always drumming away—from pots and pans couch side, to just about anything I could get my hands on. When I was 11, my parents bought me my first drum kit. I remember walking into the conservatory early on Christmas morning and there it was: my first kit. I was so eager to play but I had to wait a good few hours (didn’t want to wake the neighbours).

At first I guess I looked at it as a hobby of mine, I was in lots of different bands and would gig a lot in my hometown and surrounding areas. I took lessons, decided I wanted to up my game and studied grades which gave me perspective on different playing styles and enhanced my skill. I kept going and got the grades (ending on distinction) before studying at BIMM (Brighton Institute of Modern Music) under industry drummers. That’s what pushed me to pursue drumming as a full-time career.

I moved to London in 2016 and put myself out there on social media with sharing video content and covers whilst building relationships with other musicians, artists and DJs slowly. I realised other drummers and percussionists in the London circuit were playing alongside DJs and gave me a boost to get my name and drummer skills noticed.

This is the great thing about drumming. You get to play in the most iconic places with iconic people and you never know where you’ll end up. I love that it’s such a mixed bag. 

Honestly? I never imagined myself playing at somewhere like O Beach Ibiza but here I am, a proud resident musician at the best beach club ever and I’m so, so grateful.

Tony Truman, one of O Beach Ibiza’s founding partners, owns an event brand called Tru’s Do’s. He asked me to play at his 2022 Christmas party in a big Surrey hotel. The production was out of this world, the place was really well decorated (on another level) and I was in the same room as all the right people. I knew I had to give it my all, so I did.

Not long after, the team at O Beach Ibiza emailed to let me know I was being considered for their resident drummer position. I sent back some footage of me drumming over some mixes that soundtracked shows in the venue and… The rest is history.  I won’t downplay how I felt receiving the offer. I was bouncing off the walls. Full on over the moon and I still very much am.

Show up where others do. Make the effort to go to events, meet new people, be bold and show them what you’ve got. Be yourself: eventually things will snowball and everything will fall into place. Just keep that momentum going, don’t give up.

My most iconic moment would be at O Beach Ibiza’s Grand Opening Party 2023. I was so nervous and so excited all at the same time with my kit set up on stage ready to play the first show of the day. I needed a minute just to take it all in. That feeling, playing to a packed-out venue as magic as this one, with the sun shining and the music pumping… Incredible. A real “pinch me” moment.

I want to play the drums forever. It’s what I do and it’s all I’ve ever want to do.

Believe it or not, drums aren’t just for music! Drum therapy is pretty popular—it’s a form of sound healing that can promote relaxation, reduces stress and improve overall wellbeing. 

Recommendation: the sound healing class at Six Senses, Ibiza.

Growing up I was massively into the more rock-y side of music, think hard, heavy-hitting, loud drums and big breakdowns but eventually I fell in love with electronic music and listened to a lot of The Prodigy and Pendulum which combined both my favourite music styles, in a way. That of musical mash-up continued to evolve over time.

Exploring Ibiza as a whole. It’s beautiful, with so many hidden beaches and gems. I hire transport while I live out here, so I like to get out and about on days when I’m not playing. The north side of the island is different to the rest, you get a real sense of Ibiza’s rustic side.

Cala Saladeta, just outside of San Antonio, is a personal favourite so definitely check that out!

Where do I start… I get out as much as I can to try as many different food places on the island that I can. Ibiza town is scattered with plenty of authentic, traditional Spanish restaurants and dishes. Big paella fan here and there’s no shortage of the good stuff in town.

Tapas in San Antonio, an expat favourite, is one of my all-time favourites.

Recommendation: try the Popeye dish!

Catch our resident drummer Jack Bullock playing every Tuesday at Kisstory, Thursday at ON111 and every Friday at Pool Party this summer. While you wait, you can dance to the beat of the drums with this Spotify playlist curated by Jack, featuring all his top drum-based tracks.

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