Do I need entry tickets if I have booked Loungers or a Bed?

The price of entry is included in the price of all Lounger, Bed and Table bookings so no extra tickets are needed.

Can I add guests to my reservation?

The bed/table you reserve is for a maximum amount of people. No extra guests will be allowed to join the reservation. Therefore, you will have to reserve for the number of guests attending.

Can I bring luggage into the day club?

We are not able to look after suitcases, hand luggage or helmets. We would ask you to arrange for these to be stored elsewhere before attending the venue as we are not able to take responsibility for these items. There is an external company at the entrance to the venue that will be able to offer this service.

Are children allowed in the Day Club?

Under 18s are NOT permitted into the venue.

If it rains will I be issued with a refund?

We have a no refund policy. However, if the day club closes due to extreme weather, you will be offered to either change the date of your booking (subject to availability). Please note that bookings must be changed before 12PM. Please contact us on 0034 971 80 32 60.

Will I be provided with towels?

Guests will be provided with towels for use on the day. You will be asked to pay a 10€ deposit. When paying your deposit you waiter will issue you with a token, on returning the token and towel to your waiter before leaving your deposit will be returned.

Are there lockers for me to use?

There are lockers within the day club for guests to use and cost €2 every time they are opened. Please ask your Hostess on the day to show you where these are located.

Can we bring food and drink into the day club?

Food and drink (including water) purchased elsewhere may not be consumed inside the day club, this also includes food and drink from the THB Ocean Beach Hotel. If you have any dietary requirements you will need to contact the day club in advance so we can look at accommodating your request.

When do I pay the outstanding balance on my booking?

Your waiter upon arrival at your bed will charge this on the day. This can be paid by either card or cash on the day.

Do I need to use the same card that was used to pay the deposit to pay the outstanding amount?

This is not necessary. You will be able to pay using a different card or in cash on the day.

Can I buy VIP wristbands?

No. Only guests with VIP Bed bookings will be provided with VIP wristbands.

Where can I send my C.V?

You can upload it directly to our Recruitment page.

Is there a dress code?

Body paint, fancy dress, hen/stag accessories (including veils & sashes), props, inflatables, etc are strictly prohibited. Sporting team tops are also not allowed.

Small glitter pieces will be acceptable like the body art from Kiss My Fairy.

Clients are also asked to enter and leave the day club wearing both shoes and tops.

Are umbrellas guaranteed with all beds?

Umbrellas are not guaranteed with loungers. All other Beds and Tables do have umbrellas subject to weather conditions.

Can you explain what the cover charge / min spend means

Beds are made up of a Minimum Spend plus a cover charge. The minimum spend means the minimum amount of money you need to spend on that day to secure that bed and this can be spent on food or drink of your choice, the cover charge is what you pay to hire the bed for the day. The deposit amount you pay to secure the bed comes off the total so you just need to pay the remainder of your balance on the day.

So for example if the bed has a 100€ cover charge and 600€ minimum spend the total cost of the bed is 700€ and you receive 600€ back to spend on food and drink of your choice.

Excluding any Ibiza Spray Event which has a Champagne package included in the price that cannot be altered.

Can you tell me how much the price is in a currency other than euro?

Unfortunately we are unable to advise you what the exact amount would be in GBP, as we charge in our local currency the Euro, this conversion rate would be determined by your bank. However I can suggest looking at www.xe.com as a guide only to view the latest rates.

I have booked with THB Ocean Beach Hotel do I get any privileges?

Guests staying at the THB Ocean Beach Hotel who have booked via www.obeachibiza.com only, will receive VIP entry Monday to Sunday. Guests are also entitled to free cover charge off their first Minimum Spend bed booking (lowest priced bed in the cart, excluding loungers). One ‘free cover charge’ is given per room booked during your stay, upon completing your booking you will be sent a discount code and told by our Reservations Team what you are entitled to. You will then be asked to book online using this code which will automatically remove this cover charge. For this to be applicable you will need to book and remove the cover charge before the day of the booking. To redeem your coupon code please contact [email protected]

Guests booking directly via O Beach Ibiza Website and THB staying at Naeco & Los Molinos will receive FREE entry Monday to Sunday.

By booking your stay at THB Ocean Beach Hotel through a third party you will be offered FREE entry Monday to Saturday, 50% off the entry cost on Sundays.

When booking your stay at Naeco & Los Molinos through a third party you will be entitled to 50% off entry cost Monday to Saturday, full cost will be charged on Sundays.

*Please note that free entry must be pre booked at front desk of the hotel on the day before the event you wish to attend and is only valid if arriving at the day club before 2PM on the day*

Do you offer massage treatments within the venue?

Yes we offer a number of massage services ranging from 5-10 min massages from the Ibiza Angels at the comfort of your own Bed. Ibiza Angels is a third party company.

Is the bed number we have chosen guaranteed to be the bed we have on the day?

Usually yes but in very extreme circumstances we may change your specific bed to another bed or table, if this is the case we will communicate this with you prior to your arrival at the day club by sending an updated confirmation.

Do you have an ATM machine?

Yes, we do have an ATM Machine in the venue.

Do you provide free WIFI within the venue?

Yes free Wi-Fi is provided within the venue, so please post away on your Social Media!

Do I need a ticket or need to pay entry to access the restaurant?

Yes you will need to purchase a ticket to gain entry to the restaurant within the venue if you do not have a ticket then you will be required to pay full entry price.

Can we contact the Boutique direct?

Yes you can email the Boutique Manager on [email protected]

Are there any free seating areas available within the venue?

The venue has a limited amount of seating/tables around the bar, but this is not guaranteed. We always advise to book a bed or table where possible to avoid disappointment. We also have our Restaurant which you are able to make a reservation, please contact our team via [email protected]

Is it possible to leave and re enter the day club?

It is NOT permitted to leave and re enter, you will be charged full door price if you leave and wish to return.

We have booked a bed for Ibiza Spray can we change the Champagne Package to Spirits?

Unfortunately for the Ibiza Spray events the Champagne Packages cannot be altered or changed, you can however buy additional drinks from our normal menu in addition to your package on the day.

Do you have Events every day?

Yes we have Events and DJ’s on every day we are open this summer with special entertainments for selected Parties. You can view our 2020 Events Calendar at www.obeachibiza.com/events-calendar

Will we get wet?

We do warn guests that when you are around the Pool edge we have circular water jets on the floor that are set off periodically, so to be on the safe side we advise guests to put any valuables in the lockers available.

Will my photograph be taken?

By entering the venue as per our terms and conditions you give consent to being photographed or filmed on the premises. We do have our own photographers and videographers present for some events, but not all. You can find all the photographs taken online on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/obeachibiza these are usually uploaded a week after the event.

Can I bring my camera into the Day Club?

You may bring your small personal camera into the venue unless this is a Big Lens or SLR Camera as they are not permitted. Unauthorised video cameras are not permitted at any time, if you wish to record inside the Day Club or use a camera like described please contact our team in advance at [email protected] to see if this is possible.

What is the optional service charge?

At O Beach Ibiza we add an optional 7,5% service charge onto all final bills which is gratuity. If you would like this removed then please speak to you Waiter/Waitress on the day.

Can I choose which Lounger we have?

Unfortunately you are unable to choose the specific location of any Lounger booked, Loungers are allocated on arrival by the Host/Hostess team. If you have booked more than one Lounger we advise arriving early so you can be seated together.

Where can I sunbathe?

If you are looking to sunbathe then we recommend booking a bed suitable for this as we do not allow guests to lay down on the grass or around the Pool area, this is only permitted with a bed booking.

We have a booking with you and will be celebrating a Birthday/ Special Occasion is there anything special you can do for us?

Yes we offer a selection of birthday treats. Another option that is great for celebrations are the Drink Packages with the specific packages we offer Special Bottle presentation. Depending on the price this can vary from OB Staff coming out with name cards and streamer cannons, to bottles being delivered by acrobats, you may of seen some of these photos on our Social Media. For further information please contact [email protected]

What are the opening times?

Low Season

  • 13.00h – 21.00h (Wednesday)
  • 13.00h – 22.00h (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday Friday, Saturday & Sunday)

High Season/Special Events

  • 13.00h – 21.00h (Wednesday)
  • 13.00h – 22.00h (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday)

Day Club Restaurant opening times

  • 13.00h to 21.00h (Everyday)

O Beach lounge times

  • 11.00h until 02.00h (Everyday)

*Times open to change at discretion of management.

*Music starts from 1PM everyday.

I am a resident in Ibiza do I get any privileges?

Yes, Ibiza Residents are entitled to 50% off door entry on production of their Empadronamiento certificate on Monday to Saturday events only. Full cost is charged on Sunday events.

You can also apply for a Resident Card by filling out the Resident Card Application Form as well as showing their Empadronamiento certificate. Ibiza Workers are also able to apply for a Residents Card by filling out the Resident Card Application Form as well as showing their work contract or proof of work on headed company paper. Forms can be completed online via https://www.obeachibiza.com/workers-card/ 

Resident Cards will then be made by the Reservations office and can be collected 7 days after the date they applied for this from O Beach Lounge  after 16.00h

When the door accepts use of these cards ID will need to be produced to match up with the name of the Resident/VIP Card.