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IcOnic moments at O Beach Ibiza, as told by others

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What defines an icon? In simple terms: a person or thing worthy of great respect.
The definition of an iconic moment can be subjective, we know that, but the feeling? A moment that’s iconic to you is one that you’re unlikely to forget. It’s represents the joy of living, it’s the knowledge that in that moment, you’re exactly where you’re meant to be. It could be a turning point in your life, or just a really happy memory. One thing’s for sure—many an iconic moment has been had at O Beach Ibiza. The O Beach Ibiza team have been having a lot of conversations about iconic moments between ourselves, with partners and promoters, and recently on social media where we opened the conversation up to all of you party people.

Come with us down memory lane, muse over this small selection, and look ahead with us to a summer of the most iconic moments yet.

The ON111 Opening Party in 2022 where everyone was back dancing in the venue after the pandemic. I really missed it and I didn’t even realise how much I missed it until that moment.
DJ Spoony | ON111 Resident DJ

My icOnic moment at O Beach Ibiza was when I was on our Egyptian felucca boat at the 2023 Pool Party, hanging in the air and performing over the packed crowd. It was a super show!
Elvira | Dancer

My most icOnic moment is when a client bought a champagne package and as part of it gave me the opportunity to ride our unicorn prop.
I’d never done anything like that before (ride through the venue on a magical create)—icOnic!
Lottie | Door Host

I’ll never get over the seeing the pink Gorilla show at our 2018 Dreamland Pool Party!
Pete | Head of Design, Kit & Kaboodle

My personal icOnic moment was at Soul Heaven in June 2023. The sun was setting in the distance and I played Finally – Kings of Tomorrow (Bushwacker remix). Everyone was singing along and the feeling was amazing—everyone was connected to the track!
Jamie Love | Resident DJ

I’ve seen icOnic, dreamlike sunsets from the sky in O Beach Ibiza while I’m performing and they make me very happy. I always enjoy flying through the Ibiza sky and I love every minute of my job at O Beach Ibiza, which is to make clients enjoy themselves to the max—their smiles are a gift to me. The nun character I took on in 2022 feels icOnic, as does the ON111 police officer character I’ve been for the last two years. I love how much I got to interact with people in these roles.
Gina Casalini | Aeralist

I’ve been at O Beach Ibiza for 9 years, so there are many, but my personal most icOnic moment happened twice–when I won ‘Worker of the Year’ award at the 2019 and 2022 O Beach Ibiza staff party!
JP | Sunset Roof Terrace Supervisor

Without a doubt it was September, 2019 when my Mom came to visit for the first time. She joined me in the DJ booth and was dancing. That moment was icOnic to me.
Sam Dungate | Resident DJ

I have many but one stands out to me. I think it was July 2016 or maybe ‘17 along with Lovely Laura, when we tried to execute the ‘sit-down’ moment with the crowd for the first time. It’s something we do to build up to a drop and I was scared that maybe it wasn’t going to work but… It did! And now it’s become an icOnic moment to many at O Beach Ibiza after years of having these moments with Micah and Ruben. For us it’s super special because we improve every years as musicians and as performers.
Manuel Moore | Guitarist

I find every single Ibiza Spray party to be icOnic. I always enjoy spraying, and getting sprayed with, champagne alongside my colleagues. Plus I love seeing how much fun our clients have after having organised everything. This event involves a lot of prep and organisation that nobody sees and it turns out great everytime!
Jean | Bar Supervisor

Playing Just Can’t Get Enough – Heard & Fitz for a sunset set at HotBed in 2019. The sun was shining through the mist and smoke and there were so many hands-in-the-air moments. It was icOnic.
Parris Taylor | DJ

I currently have two moments in my memory that are my favorites. The first was the 2022 Grand Opening Party. It was the first day in long time that people could dance and enjoy life without restrictions. It was a magical day for all the artists who were finally able to perform and for the entire audience who had been looking forward to a good party for years. The other day that was unforgettable was when Ed Sheeran appeared at ​​O Beach Ibiza by surprise and decided to sing alongside us. It was icOnic!
Ruben Moran | Saxophonist

For me, every Opening Party is icOnic because we see the shows and choreographies for the first time. The events team do a very good job of keeping things a surprise, even for the rest of the staff, and it’s those moments that makes the difference between O Beach Ibiza and other places.
Danielle | Bar Supervisor

That is a very easy one. An impromptu performance playing with Ed Sheeran two years ago… My favourite moment ever.
Micah | Violinist

When the legend that is Armand Van Helden performed at O Beach Ibiza last summer. It was icOnic.

It probably has to be the 2022 Grand Opening Party. Seeing the venue packed and everyone dancing again really hit home how much I’d miss it all, coupled with an enormous sense of relief and excitement! icOnic!
Grant Collins | Resident DJ


There’s been loads of amazing moments and days at O Beach Ibiza and everytime we go we say it was the best time ever! But a moment that sticks out for me was the Boat Club Opening Party in May 2022. I played an edit of Glue – Bicep; it was the last track of the day and the atmosphere was incredible after two years of Ibiza being taken away from us. It wasn’t even that busy because at that time, people weren’t sure they could travel last minute, but it was such a good energy for those who were there—everyone stayed until the very end.
Mike Younger | Boatclub DJ

When Oden & Fatzo played ‘Lauren’ in the venue. It made me feel like we’ve created something very special at O Beach Ibiza with D4 D4NCE and left me so excited about all the possiblities for the future
Lloyd N | Regular O Beach Ibiza Guest DJ & part of the D4 D4NCE team

Music means a lot to me and I’ve had a lot of nostalgic feelings hearing show tracks played in the venue that I listened to while daydreaming about Ibiza before moving here.

Examples include Lorena de Tena playing Fade – Kimblee (Solu remix) on a giant pink piano attached to an inflatable sweetheart packet that descended into the centre of the pool back in 2018 and the crowd stomping their feet and clapping their hands as We Will Rock You – Queen played in 2019. That second track came with a black London cab moving through the venue and an inflatable red double-decker bus flying overhead by the way!
Veebs | Copy & Communications Manager, Kit & Kaboodle

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