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5 Reasons To Train Outdoors In Ibiza

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We all have been to a gym that smells of sweat. You have to wait for a machine when it is too crowded or the music is so loud and bad that you cannot cope with it longer then 12 min. We live to share with you 5 reasons why outdoor training in Ibiza is fantastic.

#1. The Fresh Air

Imagine Talamanca beach at 8.00 a.m. Not a soul yet on the beach. You see a layer of mist floating above the sea and you get a soft summer breeze blowing in your face. That’s when you realize that life is great.

#2. No Machines

The Workout Club Ibiza Training Programs are designed to make you stronger, more flexible and give you great stabillity. You are ready to conquer the world. The by product is a stunning and toned body. All of this is achieved without the use of machines.

#3. Learn Some Spanish

In the groups you will meet people from all over the island. All nationalities are working together towards the same goal. Often people exchange languages to become better. So if you like to meet spanish friends and sharpening  your language skill. Outdoor group training is the way.

 #4. Always A Coach Present

You are not on your own. All sessions are guided by a personal trainer. So your safty is always insured and every session will be different.  And when you have questions, there is always time after the session to have a chat.


#5. You Will Get A Tan

How cool is it to workout and in the same time you will get a tan. How’s that for multitasking. A pleasant post workout routine is a dip in the sea after a hard training session.

Are your ready to try it for two weeks? Just hit the link below and we will welcome you with cheers and claps in

The Workout Club Ibiza family.


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