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To give you all the Xmas feels!

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Tis the season to watch telly!

Fa Lala la la, Lala la la!

With some cookies and a snuggly duvet

Fa Lala la la, la…

(okay you get where we we’re going with this)

Here are our must watch Christmas movies to get you into the festive spirit


#1. The one which made you really want to try maple syrup covered spaghetti.

You know, we know, everyone (probably) gave it a go!





#2. The one which made you dream of running wild in the big Apple!

Just without the two bad guys chasing you the whole time!


Home Alone – Lost in NY



#3. The one that taught you how to beg your mum for seconds of Christmas dinner!

Plus it’s an absolute classic!


Oliver Twist



#4. The one with that dance move…

Spoiler alert! It is with great regret to inform you that apparently Hugh Grant HATED doing this scene! That’s right, he absolutley hated doing that little crab dance that we all love!


Love Actually



#5. The one that made every man wish he was McClane!

Yeah, okay so really it’s an action movie, but as contrarians like to point out (every single year) ‘It’s a Christmas movie!’ Look, it involves a young Bruce Willis so we’re not complaining!

Die Hard


#6. The one that made every kid want a turboman!

Arnie needed that damn doll so much, they made an entire film about it and we’re so glad they did!


Jingle all the way





#7. The one that made us believe

…with the help of little Matilda (wonder where she is now..?)


Miracle on 34th Street


#8. The one that is more of a Halloween film

But who really care’s when Jack Skeleton’s got you singing along to ‘What’s this!’


The Nightmare Before Christmas


#9. The one where a house swap ends up in falling madly in love with Jude Law

If this film is anything to go by then I’m definitely putting my house up for swaps asap!

The Holiday


10. The one where you can really connect with character

The Grinch

All kidding aside, The Grinch actually ended up loving Christmas and so do we!


Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas here from O Beach Ibiza!



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