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Which O Beach Ibiza weekly party is for you?

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Attention sun-loving, disco-dancing, cocktail-drinking party people

O Beach Ibiza Bookings have gone live and with this year being our 10th year anniversary, be ready for the best year yet! Can you believe it has been one whole decade? Time flies when you’re having lots and lots of FUN.

To celebrate our decade of dancing with you all we’re bringing you a whole host of brand new crowd-stopping shows from the skies and on the ground, some new events, as well as a brand new sunset roof garden and a lot more surprises.

The hard part is deciding which party is for you… Well don’t worry, here’s a little bit of insider info from us to give you a helping hand because we know it’s a difficult decision.

For those who like living life on the edge

Pool Party Time Machine: Fridays

Well technically there’s no risk- taking at all when it comes to any of our Friday Pool Parties as you won’t regret a single minute of them, but this event is definitely one for the thrill-seekers because it is a non-stop carnival of creativity.

The shows don’t stop coming and this year we’re going to transport you through some of the most captivating eras of our time as well as teleporting you to the future. Hold on tight as you climb aboard — this time machine is going to be one hell of a ride.

Joining you aboard will be our resident DJs Tom Crane, Grant Collins, Sam Dungate and DJ Cameo who will be blasting out the tracks you need to hear under the Mediterranean sunshine. Naturally, they’ll be accompanied by the drumming legend that is Sam Slattery!

For those who would marry music if they could

Soul Heaven: Saturdays

Music is sometimes like a relationship; it holds your hands through the bad times and it’s also there right by your side making you smile through the good times. If you believe in soulmates then Saturdays at O Beach Ibiza with Soul Heaven are for you, because you will fall in love with the music. If you don’t believe in soulmates that’s okay too because as long as you believe in soul you will be a match made in heaven with the dance floor.

This year we will see the return of the likes of Monki, Sandy Rivera, Grant Nelson, Natasha Kitty Katt, Superlover and Mighty Mouse.

For those who want to sing with their hands in the air

Kisstory: Tuesdays

When an event sends you on a musical safari through dance classics, garage, a little bit of hip hop and a splash of sexy R&B you know it’s going to be a hands-in-the-air, singing on the dance floor marathon and that’s the type of marathon we like!

This year, expect an explosion of colour from the jungle of shows with surprises around every corner. Make sure you keep your binoculars close by as you’ll not want to miss one moment of what’s amongst the wilderness of Kisstory at O Beach every Tuesday. Make sure you book your tickets early as it’s always a sell-out.

For those who can’t resist a bit of garage and R&B

ON111: Bi-weekly on Thursdays

ON111 is an event curated to unite all people together through the power of music and with a right mash-up of music across multiple genres including R&B, garage, hip hop, soulful house, as well as some big dance floor classics. you’ll feel a powerful movement of togetherness within this crowd.

This year we will see the return of one of our absolute favourites DJ Spoony. We’ve missed him the last two years but this year he is BACK and it is expected to be the best summer yet so get on board, release yourself and get back onto the dance floor!

For those who like it a bit street

Wildchild: Bi-Weekly Thursdays

New kid on the block Wildchild began their journey with us last year and became a firm favourite amongst the staff here, who loved the fresh, upfront musical vibe they brought each week via their uber cool selection of DJs from the Netherlands, USA, Belgium, France, Spain, UK and Ireland.

Brought to you by the team behind Game Over at Space, this is the day for all ‘wild childs’ to assemble and indulge in the celebration of the block party culture of New York and L.A via music, performance and community. So get yourselves ready and let the fun and games commence!

For those who love a house party

Hotbed: Wednesdays

Hotbed has that house party feel where everyone is on the same vibe, the DJs are fully immersed in the dance floor and the energy screams happiness! The Hotbed DJs definitely know their music: you’ll hear them delving into their back catalogue picking some classics from the beginnings of house as well as kicking out some cheeky tracks you’ve never heard before. Your Shazam is guaranteed to be on all day!

Wednesdays are always colourful so don’t be afraid to dig out your most outrageous garms to get in the full mood of Hotbed!

For those who need live music in their lives

House in Paradise: Mondays

Step in to Paradise every Monday as the dance floor is transformed into a tropical utopia and the music is pure feel-good house music all day long. This day is for lovers of live music as our musicians steal the show every week with their high-energy, body-moving, vocal-grooving sets! Manuel Moore on guitar, Micah the violinist and Ruben Moran on sax really do get the crowd pumping with their pool shows and stage shows! So if you need to feel the music running through your body House in Paradise is the day for you.

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