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What does working at O Beach Ibiza mean to staff past and present?

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POV: You’re an EU passport holder. You took a chance and applied for a position at O Beach Ibiza. Whether that role was Front of House or in Head Office—you’re now living your best life and will continue to do so thanks to the unique opportunities that become available to you when you begin, and finish, working here. Read on for real examples from O Beach Ibiza staff past and present and click here to apply for a role in 2024.

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We actively nurture talent, favouring pizzazz and passion over experience. We take great pride in our recruitment, including the selection process, staff training and career progression: both within the O Beach group and outside the collective. As a venue, O Beach Ibiza welcomes hundreds of thousands of global guests every year, which lends our employees the chance to interact and network with future colleagues, business partners and mentors.

So what does it mean to work at, or have worked at, one of the world’s most talked about day clubs? To answer that as accurately as possible, we broke that question down into a few and directed them at O Beach Ibiza alumni and current O Beach Ibiza staff who’ve worked in more than one role with us.

Then: VIP Waitress
Now: Talent Manager, Social PR

It’s hard to describe that period of my life, but I’ll try! I was 20 years old, I’d never been to Ibiza and at the start of the season I was still finishing my degree in a little flat behind San An’s sunset strip—my priorities were clearly in order… Ha!

It was the happiest time of my life so far. I couldn’t believe the people I was meeting every day. From staff to customers—everyone had this infectious energy that made O Beach Ibiza the most amazing place to work. I remember watching the shows from my section thinking “I can’t believe this is my job! This is bonkers!”

I had no prior bar experience—I couldn’t even open a bottle of wine, which was a running joke in the team considering my job and responsibilities, but luckily I learnt from the best.

The days were long, but they were so much fun. Everyone looked after each other like family and that’s what kept us going.

Without a doubt, the people I met in Ibiza. The island has the power to bring folk together like family and that’s definitely what I felt at O Beach Ibiza. My best friends now are nearly all people I met during my working seasons and we regularly return to the White Isle every year, including a trip to where it all began: O Beach Ibiza. We love seeing our old managers, who I’m super grateful towards for looking after me… and for teaching me how to open a bottle of wine!I’m also very grateful for the life lessons, and the confidence I’ve acquired. Working at O Beach Ibiza really was the making of me, during a time I truly needed it. The complimentary drinks and club tickets the owners often provided were big perks too!

Tell us something unexpected that came from working at O Beach Ibiza
I discovered that I love working with people. I’d never been in a hospitality role or part of a tight-knit team like the one I had at O Beach Ibiza. Also, meeting new customers every day honestly gave me a buzz and it brought out an inner confidence in me that was maybe always there, just unawakened!

Some of the relationships I made during that time have carried through. I met a lovely lady at a table I was serving who invited me to drink a glass of champagne with her. We got talking and stayed in contact. When I returned home after the season, she became something of a life coach to me and we spoke every week about new goals and progression to my next step. I couldn’t believe I met her serving her in a beach club, but I’m so glad I did!

I worked for O Beach Ibiza in 2019 and 2020 but the latter year was an unusual one for all and my second summer was cut short. All that thinking time led me to move to Manchester in the UK and pursue something in the fashion industry. There were a few people from O Beach Ibiza who had the same idea so we ended up living together, fuelled by future possibilities. After months and months of applying for jobs, I wound up in the marketing department at JD Sports. This was my first office job—you can imagine the shock to my system after working in the sunshine for two summers!

I stayed at JD for two years where I worked my way up to the social media team. Then, one of the brand’s global campaign shoots took place in San Antonio so I flew back to the island and had a real ‘full-circle’ moment. I was so happy that work had brought me back to the island, although walking along the San Antonio promenade sober felt strange!

That love of working with people that I discovered at O Beach Ibiza shone some more at JD and I decided to focus on that so I went through another round of job searching across the PR and agency space. I landed a Talent Exec role at The Social PR and now my job means I look after newly signed talent. I’m responsible for everything, from negotiating paid deals and organising their schedules to meeting and building relationships with clients/brands.

I love what I do and I can feel the crossover in my job from looking after people at O Beach Ibiza and feeling satisfied knowing I make other people’s day a little better.

Without a doubt, the people I met in Ibiza. The island has the power to bring folk together like family and that’s definitely what I felt at O Beach Ibiza. My best friends now are nearly all people I met during my working seasons and we regularly return to the White Isle every year, including a trip to where it all began: O Beach Ibiza. We love seeing our old managers, who I’m super grateful towards for looking after me… and for teaching me how to open a bottle of wine!

I’m also very grateful for the life lessons, and the confidence I’ve acquired. Working at O Beach Ibiza really was the making of me, during a time I truly needed it. The complimentary drinks and club tickets the owners often provided were big perks too!

Then: Waitress
Now: Super Yacht Cruise Crew Member

Working at O Beach Ibiza for four years was an immersive experience full of vibrant energy and summers that have become lifetime memories. I’ve never worked for a company that felt more like a family and I truly believe that O Beach Ibiza is one of the best on the island to be part of.

For the last two and a half years I’ve been chasing the horizon, cruising around the world on super yachts. I’m currently on a 100m wide vessel that charters for €1.6m a week! This industry has taken me to over 15 countries—I was lucky enough to sail places like Costa Rica and I got to experience the World Cup in Qatar. In summer 2023 I travelled around the Med’s hot spots including St Tropez, Capri and the Amalfi Coast and I’m currently island hopping in the Caribbean. I’ve always chased the sunshine and although it’s hard work, the travel makes my job worth it.

I wasn’t expecting to come away from the island with more skills and experience! I sharpened my mind with a backdrop of breathtaking sunsets, catering to diverse and international clientele. That, couples with the dynamic atmosphere at work, gave me a platform to grow and create unforgettable moments with unforgettable people.

I didn’t know it was possible to enjoy a job as much as I enjoyed working at O Beach Ibiza and I think it well and truly prepared me for yacht life.

I forged the most incredible MEMORIES and friendships that I honestly feel will be with me forever. Those lasting connections enriched my experience in Ibiza, making my time there not just a job but a pretty remarkable chapter.

Then: VIP Waiter
Now: Deckhand & DJ

I joined O Beach Ibiza as a Waiter in 2015 (my second and probably my most memorable season in Ibiza). I loved the fast pace and I learnt a lot by meeting so many different people from all corners of the world. Some of my closest friends to this day are people I met that year working for the day club.

I work in the yachting industry as a Deckhand on a 63m yacht. I’ve been in the industry for three years now and work in the Med (around Italy and France) and the Caribbean travelling most of the islands. My goal is to become an officer or captain in the future. I also DJ on the deck!

O Beach Ibiza played a massive role in developing and shaping me. I’ve also done construction and engineering work which helps majorly with what I do now as a Deckhand.

I’m very grateful for the lasting memories, for the transferrable skills I stocked up thanks to working in VIP hospitality and most unexpectedly, the friendships that I still hold strongly in my heart today. I’ve travelled the world with people that I met working at O Beach Ibiza!

Then: VIP Host
Now: Model Booker, Burberry

It can’t really be compared to anything I’d done before, or anything I’ve done since. The whole experience was totally unique and transformative! I floated around a beautiful beach club for an entire summer with newly formed friends—it hardly felt like work.

I soaked up the sun and met new people from all walks of life, crossing paths with so many characters.

There was an expectation of us though. I think quite rightly too! The island is a crazy place and it’s important to have something anchoring you. Work required a very high level of professionalism and even though we wanted to push boundaries at times, we always knew what the standard was.

In our team there was a lot of humour and a lot of laughs; with every bit of graft we needed to do, management always incentivised us.

Sometimes it was hard! Sometimes I was tired; it can get real hot and if you partied the night before a shift, it could be difficult to be social the next day on little sleep, but that comes with any seasonal work and having the strength to keep up and perform builds character. Looking back, some days are hazy because so much happened. There’s a real energy to the place and the pace is very fast!

I always felt priveleged to be part of it and I knew in the moment how lucky I was to be part of the dream.

These days I work for Burberry on the casting team. I work in-house booking and casting models for various projects including runway shows, campaigns, styling days and international fitting trips.

I also do a lot of street casting and research for new talent so if you know any potential undiscovered models, reach out!

My current best friends… Six years on!

I was surrounded by like-minded people who had decided to pack up their lives and seek out the sun alongside adventure. It was the first thing I’d done ‘on my own’ so I wondered how I’d get along with others beforehand, especially as I was a little older than the average applicant at the time—I was a little worried I wouldn’t find my feet.

I think I spent the morning of my first day alone but after that a solid friendship group formed and those people remain my closest friends to this day. You bond quickly because of the way you’re living, eating, working and partying together. It’s a special connection!

What would you most like to express gratitude for?

I feel like that summer transformed me as a person— I saw more, and therefore I understood more.

I’ll express gratitude for my world opening up that little bit more: everyone I met, everything I experienced and everything I felt. I’m grateful for the changed perspectives, the growth in confidence and the widened horizons.

Also, I survived six months on an island where the energy is through the roof and I kept my head screwed on so I’m proud of that

Then: VIP Waiter
Now: Forex Trader

One of the best experiences in my life. Fast pacing environment, however very professional and I had tons of fun there. Met incredible people all around the world.

I buy and sell currencies as a Forex trader which I’m fortunate enough to say has been a lucrative career turnout for me and allows me to travel.

While I was working at O Beach I learned how to trade on the side and when the right time came, I closed my first deal with an investor and moved to full time trading.

Tell us something unexpected that came from working at O Beach Ibiza
The friendships I made from it. I could never imagine making strong bonds in a working envrionment but O beach was a bit as a family for me

I’m grateful for the opportunities I was given and how much I’ve grown as a person

Then: VIP Cashier
Now: Accounts

I had to be very alert in that job and be continually aware of what was going on at each table while keeping in tune with a detailed operating system.

I dealt with high levels of cash quite efficiently (if I do say so myself) and this gave me the chance to build and earn trust and respect.

I loved my years working as a Cashier. It gave me the opportunity to meet and know people I still call friends, and it gave me insight into the intriguing inner workings of a luxury day club. Plus, those years were highly entertaining.

The camaraderie continues with some of the same colleagues I worked with back then, but instead of working from a cubby hole in the venue, I’m now based in the office with the rest of the Accounting team. Instead of overseeing money that comes directly from customers on event days, I’m busy raising funds for wider company projects.

I feel at home.

I feel recognised for the effort I put into my work which I’m aware not every professional can say. Working at O Beach Ibiza gave me confidence.

I love to learn and working here opened many doors to learning. I’ve been working for O Beach Ibiza since the club opened and management has always given me the chance to grow and improve myself both personally and professionally.  

My progression is down to commitment, honesty and hard work. I always wanted to know more, do more and keep improving.

I took pride in my work and I believe my work ethic didn’t go unnoticed.

Tell us something unexpected that came from working at O Beach Ibiza
I could tell you about all the famous people who have passed through the venue and who I’ve met, but instead I’ll tell you about the inner feeling that has come from working here.

I learnt to believe in myself and my ability because my superiors did. They showed me that anything was possible.

OK, I can’t not mention Ed Sheeran walking past me at work—I never expected that.

I love the people I work for! Not many people can safely say what I can: I love my bosses!

Then: VIP Waitress
Now: Events Assistant, O Beach Ibiza

Working as a VIP Waitress at O Beach Ibiza was so much fun! I met some amazing clients and made best friends for life at that time. My day was always filled with excitement and laughter and my team became my family. It was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.

We’re busy working on our most icOnic summer yet! Prep for all 176 events takes a village, and months of planning, but it’s such a cool job. I working alongside the Events Manager, Director of Brand & Events, our superstar production company and trusted suppliers—all to weave magic for this year’s events, particularly the new themes and shows. I also work with promoters to help elevate their parties, DJs to ensure all of the necessary paperwork is in place, and in-house teams to ensure we always deliver the Ultimate Daytime Experience.

In the winter it’s all about the planning and the preparation. In the summer, it’s all about being dashing in and out of the venue to help with the smooth running of the entertainment.

I work for one of the world’s best-known day clubs and I work with the best people so… Bloody great!  Working here makes me feel like part of something huge.

Working at O Beach Ibiza as a VIP Waitress opened a door to the world of Events: an industry I’d never imagined being a part of or being given the opportunity to be part of. I progressed from a seasonal role to a full-time job that allows me to work in Ibiza in the summer and internationally during the winter.

It also opened a bigger door, like a portal, to Ibiza’s magic. I get to call the island my home and the full-time element of my current role means I can stay here all year and experience the winters, which are as amazing as the summer in their own way.

My first job at O Beach Ibiza led me to meet my current boss and longstanding icOn (Gemma Charters, Director of Brand & Events). We were chatting one day about future plans and she mentioned in passing that Head Office roles would become available in the weeks following. I applied and… Here we are!

Tell us something unexpected that came from working at O Beach Ibiza

The most unexpected thing to happen to me was (after asking numerous times) being granted permission (insurance) to GO UP ON THE CRANE! (as a pirate) during one of our shows. Not only did I worm my way up onto the pirate ship inflatable prop, flying through the sky above the O Beach Ibiza Grand Closing Party 2023 crowd, but I got to do it with Gemma! It was a day I’ll never forget.

It’s hard to name one thing in particular as I’m grateful for so many things in my little life but I’ll say this…
I’m grateful for the small things (like my morning coffee), the big things (my family and friends) and everything in between (O Beach Ibiza parties, the bar with tequila shots and making all the confetti cannons POP!)

The experiences, without a doubt. To this day I still talk to people about my time there—my friends and I reminisce all the time.

The opportunity gives you a chances to meet everyone from everywhere; someone you might never see again, someone who could be a best friend or a further business partner… It’s crazy. You have to make the most of it.

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