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Useful Spanish Phrases for Travel

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If you are a travel lover, this information will give you more bang for your buck. Whether you’re visiting the island or planning to go to another Spanish city, here are some tips to improve your communication skills in Spanish.

It is well known that when you’re visiting other countries it is a gesture of goodwill to try to speak their language. If you want to chat like a local, here are some of the best quotes and other words that are worth knowing the real meaning of. You’re welcome or in the spirit of this blog ….. de nada!

Best for getting the right direction…

  • ¿Este autobús va a San Antonio? Does the bus go to San Antonio?
  • ¿Dónde puedo ver la puesta de sol? Where can I watch the sunset?
  • ¿Dónde está el mercadillo hippy?  Where is the hippy market?

Best for restaurants and bars:

  • ¿Perdona, cuánto cuesta?  How much please?
  • ¿Me puedes preparar un bocadillo por favor? Can you make me a sandwich please?
  • ¿Dónde está el cuarto de baño? Where ‘s the bathroom please?

Best for expressing how much fun you’re having…

That moment when you’re with your friends in San Antonio and you are having the best day ever…

‘Disfrutando como un enano’ is the equivalent to I’m having a whale of a time

Remember Joey’s famous ‘How YOU doing?’ pick-up line? That’s something along the lines of what you’re being asked if a Spanish person saysTe tira los tejos. He/she is definitely trying to flirt with you!

Imagine arriving at the supermarket and there’s no dip left for your tacos, you’ll be thinking ‘Are you kidding me?’ which would be the equivalent of Me tomas el pelo in Spanish.

In need of telling someone to stop someone being a party pooper? Aguafiestas is the phrase you mic drop with. A perfect example is ‘Boris es un aguafiestas’

If you’re drinking vodka on the rocks a Spanish person would describe it asa palo seco’. This is typically used to describe a dish or a drink that is served without any accompaniment and our version of ‘straight up’.

Finally, the O Beach team would like to warn you of some words that look similar to one another but that can position you in an awkward situation if you use the incorrect version. 

Constipado; We know what you’re thinking, but you’ve got it all wrong. This Spanish word refers to a regular cold so if anyone says ‘Estoy constipado don’t laugh out loud, suggest them to up their vitamin C.

Vaso: This word may sound similar to ‘vase’ but it’s used for different purposes. If you’re thirsty and need a glass of water in a restaurant or bar, you’d usually say ‘I would like a glass of water please’. In Spanish that would be Quisiera un vaso de agua, por favor

Pollo; If you’re at a restaurant and you’re ordering some chicken be careful not to order a ‘Polla with chips’ or your order will come up with a hell of surprise as polla means penis in Spanish! Pollo always Pollo!

Embarazada: It sounds embarrassing, right? Well, be careful how you use this as it actually means ‘pregnant’! The translation for ‘embarrassed’ would be avergonzada so note that one down and remember to use it wisely.

For more tips and tricks when travelling in Ibiza, check out the rest of the O Beach Ibiza blog.

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