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We are now in the countdown to what would have been our opening party in Ibiza but with that a physical impossibility in the current world situation we have decided ‘the show will go on’ and we WILL still party together in spirit! Therefore just for you we are throwing a 13 hour music marathon on Friday 8th May with some banging music sets from a selection of our resident DJ’s and guests.


To give you a sneak peak to what’s on offer we have asked each DJ to tell us one track they’ll be dropping in their set and why they love it. So pour yourself drink and turn up the speakers as this blog is going to get you in the mood for an O Beach party! 

Tom Crane – O Beach Ibiza resident DJ 

Track : Barry & Gibbs -Move on 

‘This track has such a soulful uplifting vibe with strong piano and powerful vocal hooks throughout. Pure summer vibes, love it ❤️”

Grant Collins – O Beach Ibiza resident 

Track: GW Harrison- Hear my soul

“So one of the tracks I’m going to play is a new one from GW Harrison called Hear My Soul. I love this track because it evokes that Pool Party summer vibe and I can’t wait to play it in O Beach and see the crowds reaction”

Larry London – Hotbed resident DJ 

Track : Julius Papp – Keep it going. 

“It’s a song that just feels positive and groovy; it has an afro house vibe to it. Feels like being at O Beach early, lying on one of the beds, alcoholic beverage in one hand. Nothing but good energy and vibes!”

Sam Dungate -O Beach Ibiza 

Track: Tom Caruso & Odyssey-  Everybody Dancin 

‘It’s got a catchy vocal that just oozes a feel good factor layered over chunky disco vibes. 

This track is getting released on May 15th on the perfect label for Glasgow Underground, so unfortunately I can’t give you a link however it is the opening track on the mix and I am sure you’re enjoy it as much as me, Big love Sam x ️”


Locea- O beach Ibiza resident 

Track: Ain’t Nobody – Chaka Khan (Eric Hagleton remix). 

“I have included this because it’s one of my all time favourite tracks and I think it’s a feel good song that everyone will enjoy”.

Spoony – ON111 Resident 

Track: Wookie- Battle and Daniel Bedingfield – Gotta Get Thru This (I couldn’t choose just one).

“As well as them being two huge UK Garage records, the messages in them mean so much. especially now, plus the crowd always loves them”

Justin Wilkes – Kisstory 

Track: Gala- Freed from desire 

“There’s loads of big Kisstory dance anthems in the mix.  Look out for Gala – Freed from Desire.  When that tune drops and the water jets come on, you feel the full energy of thousands of people raving around the world famous O Beach pool!”


Natasha Kitty Kat- Soul Heaven 

Track: Disco Very – Get It On 

“The reason I love playing this track is it takes me back to being in a club, spinning music and being around the people I love. A definite number I will drop when I get back behind the wheels of steel!”

Russke- Boat Club

Track: Burnaboy – Anybody 

“I am going to play this track because it 100% fits the settings of O Beach Ibiza. When the sun goes down at the end of my 8pm set, everyone is taking in the moment of where they are and the fact they’re having the time of their life. Being able to play a predominantly urban set at O Beach is a blessing as it allows you to be different and people love it !!”


Mick Willow- Candypants 

Track: DJ Chus- That Feeling

“For me this is the ultimate Ibiza track”

Chris Wright – Sin Sundays

Track: Otter Knows- Million Voices  

“ It goes off no matter what and it also reminds me of the best summer i’ve ever had in Ibiza”

Will Mac- House in Paradise 

Track: Purple Disco Machine- Song for O

“I love this track because It’s got that poolside vibe with those classic house pianos punching through, making it the perfect track to play in the sun at O Beach!”


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