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Things to do in Ibiza

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From alpacas at the Es Currals farm in Cala San Vincente to zen vibes with any of the incredible yoga teachers around the island, Ibiza’s bursting with activities, treasures and wonders for you to discover and explore. Let’s talk about some of the options for your summer.

Enjoy Afternoon G+T at Wi-Ki-Woo Ibiza

Afternoon G+T at Wi-Ki-Woo Ibiza

Ah Wi-Ki-Woo – the pastel-hued jewel in San Antonio’s crown. This sassy, boutique hotel offers more than a room to sleep in and a pool to people watch at.

Looking for something extraordinary to do on a Saturday afternoon? Choose Wi-Ki-’s afternoon G&T – a contemporary twist on tea for two.

Put the ‘party’ in ‘tea party’ and enjoy two large balloon glasses of G&T, a pink teapot of Mother’s Ruin and a selection of lovingly-made sweet and savoury delicacies.

Make sure you book in advance to avoid disappointment.

Brunch at Bam Bu Ku

Adults must be accompanied by children

After the success of San Antonio’s new family-friendly concept, we’re excited to reintroduce you to brunch for the whole family at Bam Bu Ku – the tropical lagoon and our little sister venue. Expect sugar and spice and all things nice, plus delicious drinks and entertainment for everyone big and small.

To keep your bambinos smiling from ear to ear, book your slot at Fam Bu Ku early.

Walks and hikes

One of the best ways to discover the beauty of Ibiza is by walking. Find secret beaches and see the most majestic views in places only accessible by foot. If you’re an early bird we recommend rising before dawn to hike up Sa Talaia where you’ll be rewarded with the sunrise and a 360° view of the island at Ibiza’s highest point. If history is your thing then we suggest making your way to the top of Dalt Vila where you can discover the rich history of the UNESCO World Heritage site’s walls on the way.After a slow evening stroll? Head to Ses Salinas and take a walk until the stars come out to dance.

A white isle walk will remind you that some of the best things in life are free.

For guided walks, take a look at Walking Ibiza’s calendar.

Visiting the alpacas

Alpacas in Ibiza

The adorable alpaca, one of Mother’s nature’s most naturally curious and truly gentle animals, has landed in Ibiza!

Head to Es Currals, a family-run alpaca farm and weaving studio in Cala San Vincente, and marvel at the cuddliest creatures and ‘fur heroes’ you’ll ever see in Ibiza. This lovely farm is fairly new to the island but both the human and alpaca families have made the most wonderful home and welcome you to their humble abode.

Be enamoured with sweet Lewis, Dusty, Barbarella, Mojo and Marrón and take as many selfies as your heart desires.

Set up a picnic with Into The Wild Picnics 

For a picture-perfect picnic with your favourite people, complete with fairy lights and cushions, reach out to Into The Wild Picnics.

Choose from a romantic set-up to, a bohemian blowout, something extra colourful or a bespoke picnic styled as you like. Add bites and nibbles including grazing food, salads, curries and more as well as a bottle of whatever it is you like to drink. Sundown never looked so stylish.

Paddle surf

Woman paddle-boarding in Ibiza

For some island folk, paddle-boarding is the commute. If you love being out at sea like we do, let us recommend gliding over the sun-kissed waters of the Mediterranean Sea on a board. Take it for what it is and enjoy the water any which way you prefer: lie flat on the board and make waves with your arms, or stand up tall and catch a wave with a paddle.

For some experienced guidance, check out Sup Ibiza and get to know the Ibiza waters – no two sessions are the same and you’re guaranteed to have a good time.

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