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Introducing the best block party this side of NYC, strictly for dreamers, dancers, thinkers & chancers.

Release your wild side, be fearless, be bold, be effortlessly cool and go full on rascal!

Wildchild is the brainchild of fellow promoters Eoin Smith, Dave Browning and Robbin Klomp who operate under their Game Over Umbrella. Eoin has worked in the island’s nightlife scene since 2008 and was part of the team behind Carl Cox’s 15 year residency at the iconic Space club.
Robbin had a background in club ticket sales and after moving to Ibiza full time became more involved in some of the events Eoin was working in.

Having firmly established Wildchild in Ibiza’s clubbing landscape, we have caught up exclusively with the guys to find out more, where it all began, to reveal how they have masterminded this unique & exclusive event and see what the future holds as they partner with Bumpboxx UK for a series of 11 events across the summer at O Beach.



Where it all began…


How did you guys meet? 

I first met Dave Browning in 2008 having come out to Ibiza to find work for the season. Dave was the promoter of Carl Cox at Space which for me was the most iconic event on the island, fast forward 14 years and we’re all still working together on all things Game Over. We first met Robbin around the time of Space closing. We became great friends over the past few years and on a wild trip to Miami in 2019, Robbin expressed his interest in moving to Ibiza full time. 


¨Over a crazy few days of event hopping we hatched a plan to create a new offering for the island and then boom… Wildchild was born. The rest, as they say, is history ;)¨

What makes you unique as a team?

Having a passionate love for the music we want to shout about has always been our thing. That coupled with years of generational experience across the team both in terms of events and popular culture definitely helps. We’re a small company but yet super agile and able to pivot on demand when the market moves.

Working with Carl Cox…


What was your favourite memory when working with Carl? 

Wow there’s been so many! Carl absolutely rocks it every time he plays without fail. He has a way with people and mammoth crowds like no other. He really is the DJ’s Dj. We’re lucky to have been a core part of so much of what has gone on for Carl in Ibiza. I think the atmosphere we all experienced throughout the Space Closing party was unparalleled. Everything aligned that day and to know it was a major moment of clubbing history is something special.



Wildchild Quickfire! 

Describe the event!

A Wild Ride, Adults Running Riot, House Music Magic, Grooves With Attitude 


Describe the music!

Stripped back swinging house

Influences from the early days of hip hop, disco, new jack swing and

UK/US Garage, remixed and redubbed into sleek and sultry modern masterpieces!


The DJs!
Our first phase of line up announcements includes many of our favourite DJs from across the globe including…

Mo Funk, 
Niels Feijen, 
Sam Blans, 
Manda Moor, 
Chico Rose, 
Vin Postega, 
Robin Fett, 
Djordin Sinay, 



And we’ll also be announcing more of our special guest headline names very very soon. We’re really excited about who we’re going to be bringing to O Beach this summer but can’t say anything just yet. All we’ll say is watch this space!


What makes O Beach a perfect match for Wildchild?

O Beach came and changed the game in Ibiza. They offered something totally new compared to what anyone else was doing. The team have really been some of the best innovators for the past decade in Ibiza, bringing parties back into the open air which is what it’s all about when you’re on holiday. So we reckon O Beach and Wildchild go together just like Vodka & Lemon, an essential mix for 2022!


All night parties or poolside parties?

Wildchild suits the daytime sunshine, cocktails and pool parties much more! What more do you need?

What has been your best O Beach moment so far?

When we sold out our first Wildchild event last summer! Even with the dance floor being restricted, the vibe in the venue was amazing!


What can we expect from the Wildchild events at O Beach this year?

We’re taking the bull by the horns and going all out across the brand. Last year’s season showed us what was possible at the venue, even during a pandemic, so this summer we plan to really surprise our guests with our music and theme. We’re bringing in some of our favourite DJs from New York, the UK, Netherlands and all over the world.
Think quality music, beautiful settings and the best block party this side of NYC. 



Why is Bumpboxx the perfect event partner for Wildchild?

Bumpboxx oozes a lot of the same crazy and creative elements we try and showcase through our Wildchild events. Their brand, product and vision is so culturally on point right now and lets be honest who doesn´t love a 90´s inspired Ghetto Blaster! It really was a perfect match and we´re looking forward to bringing big sounds to the masses this summer at O Beach.


What is in the future plans for you guys, where will Wildchild take us next?

We have big plans with Wildchild. Now we’ve found the perfect home at O beach in Ibiza, we will also expanding the brand internationally. 


A Promoter’s life…


What or who has been your inspiration and why? 
The person who inspires us the most in our work environment would have to be the main man Carl Cox. Having seen first hand the dedication that he has put into his career. It never ceases to amaze that even when you are at the top of your game he never stops pushing and perfecting on a day to day basis.  We feel honoured and privileged to be able to call him both a friend and a colleague for many years.


What is your advice to other new promoters starting out, what was it that inspired Wildchild?

Do your research! The promoting game is a tough one. Be unique, creative and persistent in what you believe in and share your passion. 


What is the wildest thing you have ever done?

Come down to Wildchild for a Tequila over the summer and I might just tell all! 

Join us for the Wildchild Opening Party in partnership with Bumpboxx UK on the 19th of May with Sam Blans, Chico Rose, Santanna, Robin Fett, Niels Feijen or Bi-weekly until 6th October

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And then get the party started early with our exclusive Wildchild Ibiza 2022 Spotify playlist



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