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Neighbourhoods to check out in Ibiza

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There’s nothing better than travelling like a local. Ibiza might seem tiny but the different areas will definitely surprise you and have you falling in love again and again. Each neighbourhood has its own personality and each place is fuelled by its own authenticity, with its own vibe that connects it to the spirit of the island. From Dalt Vila to Santa Gertrudis, there are so many beautiful corners of Ibiza promising everything from sea view panoramics to luscious green spaces.

Whether you’re just visiting the island for a couple of days or looking for a place to stay for a few months, here is our lowdown to the coolest neighbourhoods in Ibiza.

Dalt Vila

For those looking for a romantic stroll.

Dalt Vila is a celebrated tourism destination, not only for its cultural heritage but also for its stunning white and stone walls. There’s a very lively and cosmopolitan ambience that attracts locals and visitors from all around the world. 

The old town is one of the prettiest neighbourhoods on the island and an absolute joy to explore. It’s a socialite hot spot where you’ll find everything from fashionable restaurants and wine bars to hidden boutiques and vintage shops all sat on a pretty marina which in summer plays host to some pretty incredible super yachts that you can get up close and personal to (some call it nosey we call it manifesting).

San Antonio

For those looking for a neighbourhood full of life and street art.

It’s no secret that San Antonio is the ultimate place to chase the sunset but it’s also a wonderful hub of arts and culture, San Antonio is a creative’s dream, you’ll find an artistic scene of street art if you dare to get lost inside its streets. 

San Antonio is legendary; you’ll find everything from the local open market every Friday where you can buy fresh local products or you can take a stroll along the beautiful palm tree promenade. Of an evening experience fine-dining with traditional food in one of San Antonio’s hidden restaurants, Sa Capella. This restaurant is a stunning old former chapel and they even give you your very own complimentary bottle of home-made traditional ibicencan liquor ‘hierbas’ at the end of the meal to sample. 

Santa Gertrudis

For those looking for a quieter but trendy area to take a break.

Santa Gertrudis we could say is the heart of Ibiza as it is located in the middle of the island and is literally 20 minute car distance from anywhere on the island. It is a hot spot for family days, with wide open spaces for the kids to run wild in the local park or in the square of the local church. But it’s not just a favourite for families, there are endless bars serving up a typical tapas mix and the hottest haute cuisine as well as some pretty cool little boutiques.

A lovely village that is open 365 days of the week with a lively atmosphere that will enhance your mood.

San Carlos

For those looking for a truly bohemian vibe, San Carlos has a lot to discover.  

This lovely and picturesque tiny town in the north of the island is well-known because of its hippy days back in the 60s and 70s. There are lots of traditional restaurants to visit but the one to go to is called Bar Anita. This popular bar and restaurant used to be the local businesses where the hippies collected their mail. Nowadays they pride themselves for offering the best ‘montaditos’ (a type of tapas)  on the island with the same authentic atmosphere.

If you’re looking for that extra bohemian touch, Las Dalias hippy market is just five minute car distance and another ten minutes distance from the local beaches of Cala Leña or Aiguas Blancas.

Sant Jordi

For those looking to be short distance from Ibiza town, Sant Jordi is one of the most affordable places to live on the island.

Sant Jordi is home to one of the oldest churches on the island and is also located very close to the resort of Playa D’en Bossa. There are various restaurants which are becoming very popular like the healthy food options at ‘Sa Gulita’ or the Japanese cuisine of Umami.

Every Saturday Sant Jordi’s Flea market takes place in the hippodrome, a former horse-racing enclosure. There you’ll find from vintage clothing, ceramic pottery, accessories or odd items of furniture. It gives you the opportunity to find that unique island memento you’ve been looking for. 

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