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Interview With Ibiza Angels Polly Stevens!

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Have you ever been touched by an angel?

Now we’re talking the kind with sparkly bumbags, beaming smiles and the skills and expertise to give outstanding massage treatments! The traditional kind could prove a little difficult. We caught up with Ibiza Angels Manager & close friend to O Beach Ibiza Polly Stevens, to find out exactly what Ibiza Angels is all about, what it takes to become an Angel and more importantly how you can be a part of the Ibiza Angels experience!



Hi Polly ! Please tell us a bit about yourself and Ibiza Angels, what exactly is Ibiza Angels ?

Hi! So I’m Polly and I run the Ibiza Angels in Ibiza and also work for Ibiza Angels in the UK. Ibiza Angels are fully-qualified therapists that deliver over-the-clothes  head, neck and shoulder massages – to revitalise. Our seated treatment incorporates techniques designed specifically to energise – perfect for Ibiza days dancing in the sunshine  – and long Ibiza nights!


Wow, so where did the idea come from?

Joe Wise, the owner and co-founder of Ibiza Angels, came up with the concept 10 years ago, at a beach party at Cala Gracioneta, in San Antonio. It was one of those Ibiza parties, under the stars, where you could feel that ‘anything can happen’ Ibiza energy…a throwaway comment was made:  ‘I’d love it if someone could give me a shoulder massage…it would be like an Angel coming down from above!’ – and that was the lightbulb moment! 10 years ago, nobody had seen this style of massage and they had certainly never seen the ‘pay what you feel it’s worth,’ over-the-clothes massage delivered at parties, premium venues, weddings and events. In those days, a massage was all about having full body treatments and we continue to be firm believers in the emotional and physical benefits of traditional treatments . (we highly recommend Ashley and his fantastic team at O Beach Massage)…but here we are, 10 years later and very honoured to deliver our service at Ibiza’s leading premium venues – including our beloved O Beach Ibiza! A genuinely brilliant venue with a fantastic, hard-working management team, that, on a personal level, is very close to my heart as Ibiza Angels started operating at O Beach Ibiza 4 summers ago – the same summer that I started working for Ibiza Angels

HrFywbjrAgltDofFBzagamCfwS-87opcLnHQTbFj2ssWhat exactly does the Ibiza Angel experience involve?

Of course, an incredible massage that, in 10 powerful minutes, will leave you feeling de-stressed. using pressure points and Acupressure techniques, zinging with energy. But, it’s more than that.  There’s a certain sparkle, a certain magic in an Ibiza Angel that you just can’t put into words.   Big smiles, bags of positive energy – in essence, a brilliant, inspirational team of women that also have the skills and expertise to give a outstanding massage treatment too…a great experience, a lovely exchange…a great memory.  That combination is really something special. We’re very proud that we were born in Ibiza, all those years ago….and that authenticity, that very special spirit of Ibiza runs through everything we do and everything we stand for.


So is Ibiza Angels exclusive to just Ibiza?!

Ibiza Angels has also been operating in the UK for the last 9 years.   After an incredible first summer, we were contacted by venues in London as they wanted the Ibiza Angels too. So the Ibiza Angels were taken to London…. nobody really expected the concept to take off the way it did…but now we have three brands in the UK:

  • Ibiza Angels – premium venues, festivals, media, music, VIP events and backstage environments…
  • Massage Angels – who can be found delivering massages from distinctive Pods at London’s leading
    retail environments including Westfield London, Westfield Stratford City and Brent Cross….
  • Casino Angels – who deliver treatments as part of London’s leading casinos – and also as part of national poker tournaments.

How do you recruit your angels and what do you look for in an Ibiza Angel ?

dkw8zSnffCpHY8bv8ey-WHOUQJqVVJ_4VzmKJZCTc7AAh recruitment! I love recruitment as I meet so many great women with really interesting stories  and bags of qualifications ! But I also find recruitment really tough as I want to give everyone a job!  We have hundreds of applications every season – which is lovely – and we read every single submission.  We have a small team in Ibiza, a real family ethos as a company.We look for professionalism, decency, integrity, goodness, lovely energy…..and we also keep our existing team in mind. we need to find potential Angels that will fit with our very close knit, team. The Angels always laugh when they see me beaming at them when I am at O Beach Ibiza – like a proud Mum!  They are super professional, work hard, and love what they do – and they inspire me every day (and they make me laugh a lot!).  The summers we have together in Ibiza are literally once in a lifetime,going to work every day under blue skies and sunshine, with great music, making lovely people feel energised and positive.  We are really lucky.

Why do you think its important that people get their Ibiza Angels experience?

It’s a truly Ibiza experience.   No Ibiza holiday is complete without a massage from an original Ibiza Angel – and equally, the locals, who have known the Ibiza Angels since their inception, love our service too. We’re very aware that holiday-makers pack a lot into those all-important weeks in Ibiza,lots of late nights (or early mornings!), lots of dancing, lots of having fun in the sunshine! our quick, effective treatment is perfect to re-ground after a late night…..equally, it’s brilliant for giving you the energy to get back into your dancing shoes later on. Lots of people love to have a massage at O Beach Ibiza on the first days of holiday – to melt away the stresses of work and get into the holiday spirit and, because it’s only 10 minutes and over-the-clothes, everyone share their massage treatment together from the sunbeds – so it’s great for groups of friends pool-side – and it’s great for parties!


Here at O Beach Ibiza we all know you as lovely, sweet, positive Polly! We’ve been dying to know if there’s anything about working in Ibiza that drives you crazy ?!

Aw… I love you guys!  Thank you!  Hmm…what drives me crazy? You know what….probably I drive myself crazy as I am truly terrible at work/life balance!   When you have a great job, it never feels like work, does it? Right now, I’m writing this blog from the HedKandi party at O Beach Ibiza on a Monday afternoon, watching the amazing Lovely Laura perform (she’s bringing the house down again!) and listening to some great music – not exactly your standard Monday in the office is it !That said, I think I speak for many of us that are lucky enough to live in Ibiza, in that the summer rushes by and I don’t make the most of the island which is home to some of the most beautiful beaches, restaurants, venues and some of the best parties and DJs in the world. In fact, you’ve inspired me now…laptop is shutting down now….and, hmm, I think a lovely Ocean daiquiri is in order!

Well there you go, an insight into the world of ibiza Angels!
And what a world it is !

You can get involved with the Ibiza Angels experience right here at O Beach Ibiza!
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