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A Day in the Life of: an O Beach Ibiza Social Media Co-ordinator

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Social media has always played a big part of the O Beach Ibiza marketing strategy. On an island where traditional print marketing (like billboards, flyers and posters) has long since been the way to promote events, we’re proud to have caught onto digital activations earlier than most. The clue’s also in the industry name: social media. Our brand is as social as they come and connecting with our guests, encouraging conversation, and growing the brand alongside you is our jam.

As we continue to expand our team and recruit for another Social Media Co-ordinator to come on board, we caught up with our current Social Media Co-ordinator Emma so we could give you the inside scoop on what it’s like to execute the social media for one of the world’s most talked about day clubs.

If you like what you read, and you have an EU passport, you can apply to work with us here.

Social media is a 24/7 gig so in summer I usually work varying shifts to make sure I’m maximising my time. I’ll start my day with a healthy breakfast and a sunny stroll down to the office. Once I’m at my desk, community management is my first port of call (interacting with our followers is a BIG priority) and I’ll follow up any queries with our reservations team as well as jot down frequently asked questions that I can answer with content later.
I’ll spend the best part of my morning (or afternoon, depending on what time I start) catching up on emails and making a note of new information. Things are always happening and changing at O Beach Ibiza and in the marketing world, from new social trends to jump on to, a DJ being added to a line-up, to a brand partner letting us know about particular messaging they want to convey, to an internal change of marketing tactics that helps us sell out events. I’ll then make a note of which content I’ll need to help push that message in a creative and engaging way. Then I’ll find myself on Pinterest looking for extra photography and content inspiration, or on general social media looking out for what’s hot right now. I’ll also be scheduling content and briefing to our Design team and Content creator—this process can take a long time as I need to provide everything from a moodboard to the copy to the track choice. If I’m short on music choices, heading to the O Beach Ibiza Essentials Spotify playlist is a good place to start!

I’ll make plenty of coffee or grab a juice from Natural Pau across the road. Once the venue opens, I’ll be in and out of the venue collecting content for future marketing and filming the shows. I’m obsessed with our metrics too, always checking to see how well engagement is going on our latest posts and adjusting our social media plan accordingly. There are always people coming in and out of our office and there’s always something going on so I’ll find myself having a natter. That could be with the Events Assistant as she heads out to blow up inflatables or a Manager from one of our sister businesses.

In winter, it’s all about planning for the next season and working towards sales targets. I’m fortunate enough to be able to work remotely while the venue’s closed, and as a team we use this time to focus on next summer. While a lot of our audience is cosying up for colder months, we work to hype up the following summer and get everyone thinking ahead for their holidays—it’s never too early to make sunny plans! Our bookings usually go live in January (for 2024, they launched in October!) and this means really thinking outside the box at a time when a lot of Europe is cold. As we don’t have an open venue we can run in and out of, this is when I’m glad we work ahead in the summer and pre-collate content for all of winter’s important marketing calendar dates.

There are a lot more creative team meetings in the winter and as our Director of Brand & Events pulls together the themes for the next set of parties, we look at ways we can nod to those themes in our marketing. It’s busy, as we’re across different time zones, but always fun.

I always write weekly and daily ‘To Do’ lists—I find it satisfying being able to tick things off as they are completed! It also means I won’t forget. There’s so much going on and I receive information in a lot of ways, including emails, WhatsApps, Teams meetings and in-person so I need to keep on top of things by writing it down. I also have weekly catch ups with the Design team to go over what’s coming up.

I LOVE that my job means I can live on such a beautiful island, be outside in the sun and go into the venue to capture and create content. Sitting behind a desk all day was never for me, this way I get a mix of it all. Sometimes I create and edit content myself with apps rather than passing it onto a Designer and I enjoy that too. One thing that stays true in this job is that you’ll never be bored… There’s no time to be haha!

Pinterest and Tik Tok are my best friends but inspiration comes from everywhere: from movies, ads and music videos to festivals and beyond. We have a great team of creative minds and we’re always sending each other things we’ve seen, bouncing ideas off each other.

I’m focused on building reach and an engaged global community. It’s also important to me to stay ahead of the curve and find NEW and INTERESTING ways to speak to our clients.

I remember applying for the role thinking “This would be my dream job!” but I never actually anticipated getting it! I didn’t really know what to expect, I just knew it was for me. I’m the kind of person who needs to be challenged at work and O Beach Ibiza does exactly that—it really has been a whirlwind since I started. The job is so fast-paced and being involved in such a big brand, where the behind-the-scenes work is truly underrated, whilst experiencing the creativity that goes into all the shows… It’s been magical. There is NEVER a dull day and I’m always on my toes. We really do move fast here and we turn ideas into reality pretty quickly. I’m grateful for the opportunity to contribute to such an iconic brand and see things come to life from pen and paper.

I feel there’s a big assumption that staff on this party island hardly work. I can’t speak for everyone in Ibiza but alongside having a lot of fun, my teammates and I work incredibly hard and there’s a lot of thought that goes into all of our marketing

I was proud to be a part of the 2024 bookings launch campaign. This is our most icOnic year yet so that theme was our muse for all the content. For one of the videos, we adapted an icOnic Halloween movie scene and had so much fun filming it—which you can see here.

I would say working for the brand at the O Beach Ibiza 2023 Grand Opening party and owning the Insta stories—it was my first proper on-island work day and it was so busy, but at the end of it I was proud of myself.

My 29th birthday was also very special. I celebrated it in the venue where a letterboard show was kindly arranged for me. I even got to pop my own confetti cannon behind the DJ booth!

I think it would be me running around in the venue in 30°c heat to get the perfect content clips. I remember my friend was in the club and she said all she remembers was seeing me run after the show… The dedication to get the shot is real haha!

It’s been the most colourful 10 months working at O Beach Ibiza and I’d encourage anyone with experience, passion and EU passport to join the team here—we have positions available in the office and in the venue! I’ve made beautiful friends and memories and I’m so looking forward to summer 2024.

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