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Ibiza Jobs: Can you apply to work in Ibiza?

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One of our most frequently asked questions here at O Beach Ibiza, and across our sister businesses, is “How can I get a job in Ibiza?’. With over 300 days of sunshine a year, the Mediterranean Sea at your doorstep, and buzzy venues available to work at—we understand that desire to swap the daily grind for island life well. A large majority of the teams behind your favorite Ibiza venues are expats, having moved to Ibiza for a season before relocating full-time, alongside our lovely team members from the island itself—all are key assets to our team.

While we welcome and encourage applicants from all backgrounds, nationalities, and walks of life to apply for any of our roles, certain criteria do need to be met before we can even consider looking at a CV—this is for legal reasons. 

Which nationalities can apply to work for the O Beach Ibiza group with their current passport?

Anyone with an EU passport, a Spanish National, or a TIE/Spanish residency holder, can apply to work with us. Since Brexit (February 2020), this excludes anyone with a British passport unless the passport holder already holds the right to work in Spain.

Unfortunately, we can’t interview anyone who doesn’t meet these requirements and any applications like these will be discarded. There are no exceptions, loopholes, or shortcuts!

If I’m not Spanish, but I have an EU passport, do I need anything else before I can begin working in Ibiza legally?

Before you can officially start working for any of the O Beach Group businesses, you will need an NIE number. An NIE number (Número de Identificación de Extranjero) is an individual identification number given to Spanish workers who are not Spanish citizens. You can apply for an NIE from the Spanish Consulate in your area before you arrive in Spain—you’d need to check how long that would take. You can also apply for your NIE when in Spain through a gestor (an advisor who helps with paperwork related to public administration such as residency or taxes).

We have English-speaking staff liaison officers in certain venues who can advise on how and where to obtain certain documents and answer your queries regarding employment. All of our head office-based staff speak English, including Human Resources.

Just double checking, is there NO way I can apply to work for the O Beach Ibiza group with a British passport?

Nice try! Sadly, due to Brexit, we can no longer employ British Nationals who do not already have a TIE (a foreigner ID card) or access to a European passport.

If you’re British and have parents or grandparents that hold/held an Irish or EU Passport, it may be possible to apply for an Irish or EU Passport. This would allow you to work in Spain legally. The wait times can be long so please apply ASAP and check processing times.

What are the benefits to working for the O Beach Ibiza Group and what support do you offer to new islanders?

Aside from the obvious, there are so many reasons to come and work with us!

~Venue staff are given a meal a day whilst working

~Staff discounts across all businesses

~Complimentary drinks offered on select dates

~We offer unique environments to work in that help you build character and charisma 

~We encourage you to have fun at work and express your individuality—our staff meetings always end in cheers and applause!

~The O Beach Ibiza group has an extremely friendly senior management team who all started out in jobs similar to what you’re applying for. They make time to thank every team for their hard work and invest time in helping you progress your career whether that’s within the group or elsewhere

~Global opportunities—the O Beach Ibiza group portfolio is always growing and we place strong value on internal growth. We have staff that have been with us since Day 1!

~While we don’t provide complimentary accommodation, we do offer O Beach Ibiza Group staff priority access to our San Antonio-based accommodation option.

~Team socials—forget about pub quizzes and think bigger! Some of our hard-working staff have been treated to boat days, fine dining, and group nights out at superclubs to name a few outings.

~The LEGENDARY end-of-season staff parties with staff awards and dressing up encouraged

How can I go ahead and apply to work for O Beach Ibiza?

In short, the answer to ‘How can I apply to work for you in Ibiza?’ is to fill out our online application form and send us your CV.

Our recruitment team will filter through the applications (yes we look at each one individually!) and move forward with candidates based on experience—in some cases, passion shines through where experience might be lacking so don’t hold back and feel free to get creative. Please note that due to the high amount of applicants, you will not be contacted if your application is unsuccessful.

Which O Beach Ibiza Group businesses can I apply to work for in 2024?

When you apply to work with us, we match successful applicants with roles and venues chosen by us. The following O Beach Ibiza group businesses are recruiting for 2024:

Yours truly—O Beach Ibiza

Bam Bu Ku Ibiza
O Beach Ibiza’s tropical little sister beach club, bar and restaurant

Chi Kee Wun Ibiza
Our premium Chinese fusion dining experience set in a secret garden oasis setting

Itaca Ibiza
San Antonio’s iconic bar and seafront terrace restaurant

Kit & Kaboodle Creative Agency
Our creative marketing and events agency

Lineker’s Ibiza
Ibiza’s no.1 sports and party bar

The Skinny Kitchen Ibiza
Our vibrant day-to-night restaurant serving energetic dishes

Wi-Ki-Woo Hotel Ibiza
Our boutique hotel with attitude

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