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How to start a business in Ibiza

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Are you interested in setting up your own business, particularly in Ibiza? It doesn’t have to be a pipe dream – our owners have years of experience in running businesses abroad and prove that if you really want to make something happen, it can! When you step out of your comfort zone, amazing things unfold and the O Beach Ibiza partners Duane, Tony and Wayne are proof of it.

You asked the questions and we have the answers. Read our outside-the-box careers advice from the founders of your favourite day club:

Duane Lineker

How old were you when you started on O Beach and why did you choose the White Isle?

I was 27 when we began building O Beach Ibiza. I first came to Ibiza when I was 24 to open up Linekers bar after my Dad Wayne Lineker and Tony found a great location for it in San Antonio – I came over to be a partner and manage it.

If you had to pick your favourite out of all your businesses which one would it be?

Lineker’s Ibiza

It’s hard to pick a favourite, it’s almost like having to pick a favourite brother or sister, but O Beach Ibiza of course holds a very special place. It’s such a unique, exciting and atmospheric place and it’s hard to beat, I just wish I could enjoy it like most of our clients do as it really is somewhere I would love to have a day out with friends in. I have to give a special note to Linekers though, because I have been brought up almost living in these bars since I was 4 years old when my Dad opened the first one in Tenerife and to be honest I still love a night out at Linekers – it’s always such a fun place with great memories.

Is it difficult to run a business abroad?

The language barrier can make it a little more difficult but I’m now fluent enough to get by in most scenarios. The legal aspects can also be harder but if you get yourself a good lawyer and advisers, and at least a few on your team can speak the language and have local knowledge, that really does lend a big helping hand.

Why did you choose Spain (Ibiza)?

I’ve spent time in Spain since I was 3, living in Tenerife for a few years whilst my Dad opened up the first Linekers bar, so from 1987 it’s always been part of our family.

Spain’s also the most visited place for UK tourism so it made sense for us as a business. Ibiza kind of got chosen for me by my Dad when we opened Linekers here and I became the manager and I’m so glad it did. I’ve now lived here full time for 10 years and my daughter and soon second child will both have been born here and we plan to be here for a long time to come. It’s such a beautiful island as well as having amazing bars, restaurants, beach clubs and clubs. It really is a great place to live and bring up children.

Wayne Lineker

Is it best to go solo or to team up with someone?

Naturally if you have the drive and the acumen, going solo will possibly give you greater rewards in the long run if you’re successful… IF!!! But you can’t underestimate the power of having close family and friends around you when starting out in business.  At O Beach Ibiza the partners are all different and bring a certain quality to the table that makes the perfect formula – we didn’t invent the pool party we perfected it! I certainly would never have pulled off O Beach Ibiza on my own.

Who’s idea was O Beach?

It was Tony’s, but the both of us two first spoke about it around a pool in Marbella. He said we need to open a beach club in Ibiza and over a few drinks the mission was on! Some months later Tony called me to say he’d found the perfect venue. I want to see it with him and once again he was right… The rest is history.

KISSTORY 2019 | O Beach Ibiza

Do you start a business based on what you know or what you would like to do?

When I initially opened the first Linekers bar in Tenerife, it was what I wanted to do after the fruit and veg markets industry I’d been in started to take a big dip. I had absolutely no idea how to run a bar but my market days gave me all the knowledge I needed. I adapted and worked incredibly hard to make Linekers the success it was… From then my son Duane, now my partner, became involved and the perfect team was formed.

Why did you choose Spain (Ibiza)?

Having long term experience with Linekers has always stood me in good stead.  I lived in Tenerife for 10 years and Marbella for 10 years…  then I found Ibiza! The most MAGICAL place in the world. I will never leave.

Tony Truman

How do you make your business stand out and get noticed?

For me it all starts with the branding and the aesthetics of the business, from there you need to think of a very clever, very creative, outside-the-box marketing plan. We try to come up with new ideas all the time, as well as adapting to what’s current and relatable to people and trends each season.

Wi-Ki-Woo Hotel Ibiza

How can I get a job at one of your venues that would be the dream?

First of all you need to apply via our online application form, detail all the necessary info, then wait and see if you get a response. Alternatively come to Ibiza, ask to see our Recruitment Manager and show her how amazing and brilliant you actually are by convincing her you’ll be an amazing asset to us. If you have the right attributes you might get an interview with the recruitment team.

Why did you choose Spain (Ibiza)?

I choose Spain to make a career after my very first Ibiza experience when I was only 15 years of age on a family holiday. I was so blown away by everything I experienced on that holiday I knew one day it would become my home.

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