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Halloween at Home

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So after everything that’s been going on this year we’ve been half expecting aliens to land and flesh eating zombies to come knocking at our door any day to be honest,  but the very fact that we cannot have our usual Halloween celebrations has really put the dog poo icing on the cake of 2020.
But you know what, even though it might not be the most memorable Halloween we’ve ever had that does not mean we cannot get involved in one of the most fabulously freaky nights of the year! So read on as we have listed the treats with no tricks on how to get in to the ‘spirit’ of the 31st October from the comfort of your very own home.

Freak Chic

Halloween decor doesn’t have to be all about sticking up fake cobwebs and carving out pumpkins, instead bring a little bit of rock star to Halloween with this super cool skelihands neon sign from Neon Beach which come in a variety of bright colours so you can decide the colour of your mood. Better still, YOU may not be able to go and kiss a mystery goblin or vampire but you can put these snogging skeletons up loud and proud up on your wall – catching covid doesn’t matter to them!

Say it as you mean it!

Don’t fancy opening the door to trick or treaters or simply want to say a big F You to 2020, this candle from Audenza makes a big statement by flipping the bird without you having to! 

Don’t Mix Spirits with Spirits

Only interested in spirits of the vodka kind? Well say no more as Crystal Head Vodka have created their newest skull design bottle in celebration of the powerful warrior Onyx and comes with a super slick black finish which will look super sexy in any kitchen. Available from The Bottle Club, onyx crystal is supposed to absorb negativity and the darker the stone the more energy it holds apparently; let’s just hope it absorbs hangovers too!

Baileys: For life not just for Christmas

Why carve out a pumpkin when you can just grab a bottle of Baileys Pumpkin Spice Irish liquor and splash a nice big dollop in to your coffee! With flavours including baked pumpkin, sweet cinnamon, vanilla pie crust and cinnamon we can’t see how a coffee without it will now be acceptable.

Don’t let life be a Drag

Want to fast forward to 2021 pronto? Well now you can pull out your crystal ball and see whether your future is brighter than RuPaul’s wardrobe with these fashionably fabulous tarot cards from SkinnyDip. Featuring 78 queens from the first 10 series of Ru Paul’s drag race, they may not be the most functional of tarot cards but who gives a drag when the illustrations are this fierce!

Snake it ’till you make it!

Double double, toil and trouble, fire burn and champagne bubbles!
Don’t let your Veuve come a cropper and purchase this snazzy snake bottle stopper
(soz we’re not real witches or poets for that matter but this little treat from Audenza is a perfect addition to a night in with wine)

And I’m Feline good

Just because you can’t go OUT OUT, doesn’t mean you can’t still get involved in a little bit of dress up! Just don a pair of cat ears and a tail and this faux leather skinny leg jumpsuit from I Saw it First will have you feeling like the Gotham City’s very own antiheroine! Purrrrr-fect!

Dance away those cobwebs

No Halloween is complete without Michael Jackson’s Thriller pumping through the speakers and just for you we have compiled a Halloween themed playlist that includes Thriller which you can check out here. When we say Halloween themed we mean anything that has a halloween themed word in the title so basically it’s a very eclectic (albeit random) selection but fun all the same! Enjoy!

Become a moonchild

Did you know the word lunatic derives from lunaticus meaning “of the moon” or “moonstruck”. The moon is a intriguing and beautiful planet that controls the tides and is said to have an affect on our moods also, so if you want to delve in to further depths about the magic of the moon you can actually do a diploma course in it via The Centre of Excellence who say; “The Moon is much more than a light in the sky. It is filled with mystery and magic, and its cycles are important when it comes to magical rituals, with each phase of the Moon creating its own, special kind of energy. This energy affects you and everything on Earth. Working with the phases of the Moon, you can harness its power and use its energy to better your life.”


So there you have it HalloQUEEN’s and PumpKINGS, there is no excuse not to get involved in 2020’s Halloween!

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