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Bring nothing but love, leave nothing but… butts?

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Every Thursday O Beach Ibiza brings the best beats of R’n’B, Garage, Hip Hop & Soulful House ON111 unites people through the power of music, connecting us on the dance floor, making us experience a feeling of togetherness, creating a movement in which everyone is invited. The parties make us reflect on how we are all ONEOne humanity, one planet, no boundaries. In order to expand this wonderful movement, our sustainability friends and experts, Bsplash, have shared with us additional actions on how you can become one with Ibiza!

It is probably undeniable to say that Ibiza is a special unique treasure of the world as it has a spell-effect on everyone that arrives here. The facts speak louder than words – Did you know that Ibiza has one of the highest ratios of tourist per resident in the world? For every resident the island receives around 26 visitors a year!

Because of that it is very important to make sure that we leave nothing behind but footprints. We will share some easy and fun tips on how you can take care of your favourite island and can help Ibiza remain as beautiful with its white beaches, turquoise waters, and magical sunsets! 

We invite you to join us on the weekly O Beach cleanup which takes place every Thursday at the O Beach Lounge at 11am. For those who participate we would love to show our appreciation for your cool and kind action with some goodies. You’ll receive an O Beach t-shirt, some refreshing drinks, some yummy food, and entrance to our ON111 party to share some of your time in taking care of our planet together

Here is our 5-step guide on how you can make a big difference with some small and easy actions:


Cigarette butts are considered one of the greatest sources of ocean pollution worldwide. Many of us don’t realize that cigarette filters are made out of tiny plastic particles that can take over 15 years to break down. Over 5 trillion cigarettes are purchased and thrown away every year, and, as it is a socially-accepted form of littering, almost two thirds are dumped irresponsibly. Whether you smoke or not, that’s your choice (we’d love you to stop! 😉 ), but if you do, please don’t leave your butts around once you’re done with them. And don’t hesitate to share this important message kindly with your smoker friends! Butts are definitely one of the items we find most often in our beach cleanups. Imagine butt-free-beaches?! #nomorebutts

Remember the last time you went to the beach without seeing pieces of plastic on it? No, neither do we. Single-use plastic items, like straws, cups, or bags, are super convenient. But “every single piece of plastic ever made still exists”, only around 9% of plastic ever created has been recycled, and most plastic ends up in our oceans, much of which ends up being mistaken for food by many marine animals, which ends up on our plates, which ends up in our body. Scary stuff. So the next time you order a drink… will it be with or without a straw? By asking your favourite restaurant to serve your drink without a straw or asking if they have a paper, bamboo, or macaroni straw you show them you care and nudge them to consider other options! #stopsucking

•Yep, agreed. Wet wipes are also super convenient. We can use them for so many things: makeup removers, baby-wipes, to clean our shoes or to freshen up… So when you’re done using wet-wipes (if you can’t avoid them), what do you do with them? Throw them down the toilette? CAREFUL! Wet-wipes should actually be thrown away in the general rubbish containers. If you flush them down the toilette, you will most likely end up swimming with yours or someone else’s wipes at some point – not exactly the most pleasant thought, is it?  You have also option B which is buying the Eco-Friendly wipes as an alternative which are made from renewable materials and are biodegradable or even compostable. They are even gentle to the skin as they do not contain harsh Chemicals that may be irritating. #ourchoicesmatter

Who recycles back home? I think most of us have already started recycling and find it the norm. While on holiday it might seem a little more complicated though – but it has a very big impact! If the waste produced on the island doesn’t change and people don’t recycle, Ibiza’s landfill will reach its maximum capacity in the next 7 years. After that Ibiza will have to pay to send its trash off to Mallorca and other destinations! Luckily the recycling system is very intuitive in Ibiza: the green containers are for glass; the blue ones for paper and carton; the yellow, for plastic containers, tins, and cans; and the brownish/grey ones, are for everything else. #reducereuserecycle

Water bottles, big topic! Make sure you drink plenty of water while in Ibiza, no matter what. But a positive action towards reducing the amount of plastic generated is buying bigger water containers rather than loads of small plastic bottles. Also don’t forget to dispose of them in the yellow containers you can find on the roadsides next to the grey ones. Or even cooler, try to carry your own reusable bottles that you can find in many shops in ibiza. You’ll reduce plastic and it’s a useful and nice souvenir from the island. #plasticfreeibiza



Bsplash Ibiza is a movement which looks at different ways in which we can all contribute in making Ibiza a better place. They look for innovative ways of linking music, art, and fun with social impact and environmental sustainability. They’re also the first social good ticketing platform from which you can get your club tickets while in Ibiza 😉 

#bcool #loveyourfootprint 

For more info please follow Bsplash on Instagram or Facebook

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