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5 Podcast to keep you company in quarantine!

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5 podcast to keep you company in self-isolation


In recent years podcasts have become extremely popular. They’ve allowed influential personalities to really open up on a platform where there are no rules. This way of communicating is an outlet for people in the public eye (or not) to dig deep and give their true perspective on any subject their heart desires in an authentic way. As we have so much time on our hands recently and the media has become information overload we wanted to introduce you to some podcasts that may lighten your mood or teach you something new. So here are our top five to keep you inspired, laughing and stimulated while taking time out for yourself!




Underneath the Skin with Russell Brand.

Russel Brand is famous for his comedic past and TV personality however due to his turbulent life experiences and battle with addiction over the years he has become an advocate for helping the wider community overcome their own problems whatever they may be. ‘Underneath the Skin is a great podcast in which Russell interviews many well known people who have achieved astounding things in their careers. His discussions are full of eyeopening theories, teachings and of course laughs along the way. One of our favourite podcasts is his chat with the therapist Brené Brown who’s Ted Ex talk on Vulnerability and power made her an overnight celebrity. Here is the link for your listening pleasure:


Happy Place with Ferne Cotton 

Happy Place was born after the release of Fernes very successful book Happy in which she talks about her battle with depression. Whilst writing the book and interviewing a number of people she thought it only made sense to create a podcast and bring the interviews to life. Her first guest was Dawn French for whom she travelled to Cornwall to film the conversation and once she had the comedy legend herself on board, other people were chopping at the bits for a slot. For an honest conversation full of Dawns wisdom and her journey on how she became the confident, successful woman she is today, have a listen:

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Table Manners with Jessie Ware 

Jessie Ware practices the art of beautiful conversation from the comfort of her kitchen table, discussing subjects such as art, family, food and more with a little help from her mum Lennie,  known for her phenomenal skills as a chef. Each week she has a guest from the worlds of music, culture, fitness and politics where they have a relaxed chat on various topics. 

Her latest conversation is with one of the biggest commercial artists today Dua Lipa. This fun podcast includes topics such as things being missed in isolations, favorite foods, family and childhood. For the full conversation click the link to enjoy:

Can U put me on Guestlist with Katie Hay Knight 

For the Ibiza lovers we have the perfect podcast for your listening pleasure. Katie Hay Knight, presenter and TV host for Ibiza’s very own Global Radio has created a series called Can U put me on Guestlist?’. These funny yet fascinating podcasts are a number of  interviews with some of Ibiza’s party legends who have helped carve the scene on your favorite island. One of her recent interviews was with none other than Nick Yates the worldwide booker for Paradise along with co-founding, well known label and party brand Kaluki. His cheeky Manc charm makes this interview fun while also giving us details on the ups and downs of his career and obstacles he has faced while becoming one of the most well known promoters on the island.

Super Soul Conversations with Oprah Winfrey.

Lastly we had to mention the international legend Oprah Winfrey who is a veteran when it comes to interviewing. Opera had a very turbulent childhood and experienced things that most people won’t go through their whole life. Although this doesn’t define her in any way it makes her achievements even more inspiring as she is walking proof that you can do whatever you put your mind to. The Oprah Winfrey show is one of the biggest chat shows in the world where her guests include many A- list stars along with ‘normal “ people who have been through or accomplished astonishing things. Her Podcast Supersoul Conversations are a collection of some of the best interviews from her show which ran for 25 years. While in lockdown, just like us she has been working from home so here is a more recent interview with musical genius Alica Keys.




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