Tru’s Do’s 40th – The Purple Party

Sunday 16th July 2023

It’s the big one as our very own Tony Truman celebrates the 40 incredible years of Tru’s Do’s!

This very special edition is The Purple Party, a colour you will most likely associate with royalty and luxury. Purple’s rarity also gives it a certain air of mystery, often associated with creativity, the realms of fantasy and magic! We’ll let your imaginations run wild as you decide on your perfect party outfit but of course… just make sure you come wearing at least a hint of purple!

With a reputation for bringing together a glamorous crowd of pleasure seekers, ask any regular to these decadent parties and they’ll have plenty of stories to tell from over the years (and others they can’t!)

And with a premier line up of special guest DJ’s and live acts (TBC) to get the dancefloor jumping, this is one date that should be firmly in your Ibiza party diary now…


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