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Waiting Staff

Job Summary:


Welcome all clients ensuring a happy, positive and friendly impression of the Beach Club.  The waiter/waitress will serve food and beverages to our clients in a friendly, professional and timely manner to the beds/tables they have been assigned (but not limited too) holding natural conversation and delivering with the highest of standards and best practice.  The server must be knowledgeable and have a perfect understanding with regards to all our products and menus.  You are expected to be attentive and responsive and available to clients needs throughout the day, your area perfectly attended ensuring cleanliness and working professionally and closely with the runners.  It is your responsibility to ensure that the clients receive the best possible experience and that all client queries and complaints are dealt with professionally and efficiently. The waiter/waitress must always have an exceptional appearance, be energetic and comfortable interacting with clients.  The waiter/waitress will be comfortable using his/her knowledge to up sell where possible and provide an overall exceptional beach club experience to new and existing clients.

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Personal Details

Marital Status

Further Personal Details

What do you know about the island of Ibiza

Have you worked in Ibiza/abroad before?

If you answered YES to above, where, position and length of time

Do you have a Spanish NIE, Social Security or Residencia?

What dates are you available? Please take university into consideration

What languages do you speak and to what level? Please only comment yes if you are at conversational level.

How would you describe yourself in 5 words

What inspires you?

What are the top 3 reasons you are coming to Ibiza?

What are your goals over the next 3 years?

How do you think you will adjust to living and working abroad?

Would you require any special adjustments to fulfil living and working abroad?


Top size:

Bottom size:

Height in feet:

Shoe size:

Dress size (women only):

Please disclose information with regards to any visible tattoos and regular cosmetic enhancements.
Please note that we discourage cosmetic enhancements in favor of a more natural look

Work Experience

Brief Education summary

Current role - position and time in position

Bullet point last 2 positions

Previous Experience relating to the position applied for

Please state particular skills / courses completed for the position applied for. For example - silver service, sales, bottle service, cocktails etc

Why do you want to work for O Beach and in this particular role?

Period you would like to work in this role seasonal or Long Term

Describe your work ethic

Any additional Info we should know about you


When uploading your CV please be sure to include your educational history and courses or qualifications you have achieved and most importantly 1 references including contact details, in the case you are successful it's very important we can check your reference with your former employer.

Remember, we receive a high volume of candidates so make sure your CV stands out!

Upload your CV (must be doc, docx or pdf):

Reference (must be doc, docx or pdf):

Please upload three recent non-professional photographs (must be jpg, jpeg, gif, png or bmp). 1 MUST be natural and make up free (NO filters).


Front Facing:

Full length:

Thank you for your time and we hope to be working with you soon!