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ISAWITFIRST Brand Executive

Job Summary: 

The Brand Executive will be responsible for professionally representing the fashion brand I Saw It First on the island of Ibiza. The role will entail increasing the awareness and value of the brand on the island whilst also managing the brand partnership with O Beach Ibiza and maximising the target audience within the venue.

The role will also require reaching desired target markets via a variety of tasks ranging from the promotion of products, social media campaigns and influencer relations both within O Beach Ibiza as well as other on-island activations.

The candidate at times will be the sole representative of the brand dealing with influencers, celebrities, customers, retailers and management and therefore will be required to have excellent verbal and written communications skills.

NB: Please fill out the form in as much detail as possible as this will speed up the process of reviewing your application. From time to time, due to the number of applications we receive, the form submission may not work. In this instance, please email [email protected] with ALL DETAILS. Thank you and good luck!

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