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Happy New Year everyone!

Now, with every New Year comes a brand new goal! Whether that’s fitness goal, travel goal, home goal, or just entire life goals, sometimes we just need that little kick in the backside from our inspiration pod of Instagram! But where to start? We’ve scoured the gram for the most inspiring accounts that will leave you ready to boss life in 2018. Whether it’s the realm of style and beauty, revamping your home, exploring the world or taking your health and fitness to the next level, theses guys are guaranteed to give you a hefty dose of 2018 motivation!

For healthy eating motivation – tropicallylina!

This rainbow coloured infused Instagram is definitive proof that healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring. Packed with colourful, wholesome recipes, her feed is an absolute feast for the eyes. This health and wellbeing chick behind these beautiful recipes of goodness is also vegan, so if you’re on the #veganuary train and in need of some inspo, you best get following!


For home inspo –!

There’s no better time than the New Year to give your home or even office a brand new look. Not only does this Instagram scream interior chic, but when you download the very handy app you’re able click through on all the items you love and buy online!


For style – emmalouiseconnolly!

The Brit model and Missguided mega babe has all the style inspiration you’ll need this year. Plus she’ll totally have you girl crushin’. Enough said.

and so is @bumbleandbumbleuk #bumbleandbumbleuk #hairdreams 💙

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For the wanderlusts – doyoutravel!

What can we say about Jack Morris except for that he is living the dream! He’s a travel and lifestyle blogger who just so happened to meet the love of his life (and a fellow travel blogger) Lauren Bullen @gypsea_lust whilst exploring the world. Total couple goals!


For fitness motivation – kaisafit!

The only thing you’ll find on this IG account is just evidence of this PT being an absolute boss in the gym. Not only is Kaisa is the owner of Kaisafit and is the perfect extra motivation to get your butt off that sofa. What’s even better is she shares her epic workouts too, so there’s no excuse for us not to follow along at home!


For male lifestyle – isaaccarew!

This model turned TV chef’s account will have you absolutely spoilt for choice with his Dirty Dishes comfort food that yes, believe it or not does eat himself, to high end fashion, parties and endless travel. We just can’t keep up with this Instagram sensation!

Recipe testing for #DirtyDishes | N’duja linguine | Photography by @ynnadnahc

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For beauty – overglowedit!

This one’s for the beauty moguls. Fancy a new skincare regime? Overglowedit. In need of some make up inspo? Overglowedit. This girl has pretty much has anything and everything you need in the world of beauty!

✨ Night routine, travel edit ✨ I’ve been visiting family for the past week and brought along some new products and some everyday staples. I’ve been incorporating the @wellwithinbeauty products since before I came on my trip, but using them consistently has been amazing for my skin. The founders of the brand had worked together 20+ years at La Prairie, and this line is their current venture. I’m shocked at how gentle but effective the products are, and I’ll be reaching for these often even after my trip 👌🏼. ✨ @wellwithinbeauty (pr gift) cleansing emulsion: a cream cleanser that I use after removing my makeup with micellar water. My skin never feels stripped or dry after using this cleanser, which could be from the inclusion of almond and sesame oil. My favorite of the bunch 👌🏼. ✨ @wellwithinbeauty toning lotion (pr gift): I did about 3-4 pumps on a cotton pad and it’s a nice hydrating toner I didn’t think needed more layers. Provides moisture without being too heavy. ✨ @wellwithinbeauty reparative complex (pr gift): this complex aims at smoothing, boosting collagen production, clarity and anti-aging. It comes out looking like a tan cream, and I definitely notice smoothing & light hydration, which is especially nice for summer. ✨ @glossier priming moisturizing rich ✨ @huxley_korea oil light and more ✨ @freshbeauty rose face mask ✨ @herbivorebotanicals blue clay mask ✨ @amorepacific_us eye essence

A post shared by Melanie (@overglowedit) on


For body confidence – chessiekingg!

Look, we all know that most of what we see on Instagram tends to be nipped, tucked and/or filtered. But sometimes, we just need a little reminder and that little reminder is the Chessie King! This super fit chick isn’t afraid to keep it real, shut down shamers and promote body confidence for all! Oh you go girl!

“I’m the biggest out of my friends & I hate it” “I always compare myself to taller girls & wish I was like them” I hear things like the above everyday, whether it’s a direct message or in real life & I want it to stop please🙅🏼‍♀️ I posted this back in the summer to show how different @thefoodmedic & I look side by side. We all have a friend who you’ll feel ‘tall’ or ‘small’ standing next to. But you should never have a friend who you feel embarrassed getting into a bikini next to. Hazel & I enjoy training, looking after ourselves & FOOOD 🧡🍕🥥🍦🍪🥑 I look at her body & see a strong, beautiful figure but it is completely unrealistic for me to ever want to look like Hazel. A few years ago I would’ve wished I had ‘legs like Hazel’ & a ‘tummy like Hazel’ but on our trip back in June I felt proud to stand healthy for all my tall girls that have struggled with being told they are a ‘bigger build’. This year for me has been a massive one on body confidence & feeding it with positive comments (& lots of popcorn 🍿) It may not be ‘bikini season’ but it’s just as important to stop comparing yourself to your friends all year round. I want you to try something this week, complimenting your girls on something that isn’t anything to do with their bodies. Tell them they were brave to take that big step, tell them how lovely they were for helping you, tell them something that will make them feel amazing from the inside to help them shine on the outside 🌟✨💫

A post shared by C H E S S I E K I N G (@chessiekingg) on


For adrenaline junkies – moliverallen!

This IG account makes us a little weak at the knees, mainly because this guy seems to throw himself out of planes over tropical climates without a care in the world… on a regular basis! But team that with some incredible videography skills and picturesque views and you’ve got one hell of an IG account.



For you OBI fix – 0ceanbeachibiza!

Missing Ibiza and O Beach as much as we are? Can’t wait for to spend summer 2018 poolside with us? Then you best get following us for all you OBI needs! Psst! We’ll be releasing exciting plans for 2018 soon, so keep your eyes peeled

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