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HOUSTON! We have a problem! 2020 bookings have launched and summer is flying towards us at record speed, and this year we’re predicting a high chance of explosive events. With our heads in a spin and so much commotion in the group chat about who wants to go where, let’s regain control and decide which one of our unmissable events is right for you. 


MONDAY – House in Paradise

For all the feelgood, handsintheair party people 


Ready to redefine reality? One of our favourite parties has a brand new, weekly slot! House in Paradise steals the limelight every Monday this summer, with surreal production and the kind of music that embodies memory making moments with Dj’s such as David Penn and Camelphat taking to the decks in the past. If you are a lover of LIVE music then this is the one for you! Every week our exhilarating musicians: Ruben Moran on sax, Manuel Moore on the guitar, Micah the Violinist and Lorena de Tena on the keys come together and treat us to their high energy performances which always leaves the crowd hungry for more!



For those that want to sing out loud!


KISSTORY is that event where you lose control and sing your heart out to every song that’s being played but at the same time you can’t wait to hear what’s coming next. Kings and Queens of Old Skool and Anthems the jungle themed carnival is coming and we’re predicting there’s going to be a stampede!  


Music is celebrated across the world, and we’re taking you on an expedition with the biggest Garage, Hip-Hop, R&B and Dance classics to keep you dancing into the night. Bring the whole gang, because we’re throwing a party that celebrates culture, and the wonderful diversity amongst us. Spinning the biggest tracks and throwback anthems to keep you two-stepping around the dancefloor amongst our captivating dancers and enchanting shows, KISSTORY is not one to be missed.



You’re eccentric and have HOT style! 


Known for its funky beats and infectious energy, HotBed has always been renowned for its vibrancy. This year, HotBed is going to be bolder and brighter and bigger than ever. The fruitiest party combined with a a class act of true talent, across percussion, sax and resident DJs, Hotbed brings a truly unique sound to the dance floor. 


Entering Hotbed feels like you just rocked up to a villa party where you know every single person, everyone’s smiles are beaming and the positive atmosphere is infectious! Making it a perfect place to make new friends, so if you love to mingle then this is the party for you! If you want to feel right at home we suggest a fruity shirt or swimsuit will ensure you are fully fledged part of the firm!



High energy crew assemble!!!


You’re all invited. ON111 Huge celebration of the power that music has to bring us all together onto the dancefloor, where we leave stereotypes, pre-judgments, and bad energy at the door. Music is a language understood all around the world, and so we want everyone to join us on ON111 journey through the beats of R’n’B, Garage, Hip Hop & Soulful House, for a feel-good day that will leave you with amazing memories and a heart filled with love. 


FRIDAY – Pool Party

If you’re a fun fanatic who loves to be taken on a thrill-seeking adventure, our Friday pool parties are for you.


Get ready for the biggest Pool Party yet. Jam-packed with dazzling characters and show-stopping production everywhere you look, you better hold on tight, because this isn’t just an event, it’s a story and the main character is you! Our fun-packed pool party entertainments are encapsulating, expect nothing less than eccentric live performers and awe-inspiring sky-shows.


Last year we saw Freddie Mercury, Mary Poppins, Geishas and Matadors, taking us on a journey through three different countries all in one day. Can we top that this year? Only one way to find out is to book your tickets NOW!


SATURDAY – Soul Heaven

For those that refuse to leave the dance floor.


Calling all disco divas. Heaven really did just become a place on earth – location: O Beach Ibiza. We’re taking you on an unmissable throwback through the decades of soul music, we suggest bringing a backpack as you’ll not want to leave the dancefloor! Allow us to start your weekend by confessing your deepest and darkest sins to our mystical entertainers, and get whisked you away to a promised land of smooth grooves and blissful auras to a place where sequins will never be too much. 


There’s a reason why Soul Heaven is still a floor filler, and we’re here for it. If you’re craving a day of raw soul and heart-thumping disco let Soul Heaven leave you with everlasting vibrations of disco house music courtesy of  our divine DJ’s. Get ready to be taken through a magical day into a starry night. Soul Heaven is definitely worth swiping right for.  



SUNDAY – Replace lazy Sundays with Crazy Sundays!


All aboard! Imagine the wildest boat party with the most vibrant atmosphere and incredible music. We’re bringing that exact same energy to O Beach Ibiza! Choose Boat Club if you’re ready for a day of non stop feel good music at nautically themed parties. Welcome on board and get ready to set sail at a day full of beautiful people and positive vibes. 


If you’re looking for sin and mischief, SIN Sundays are here to cause havoc, just try not to do anything we wouldn’t do. We welcome the naughty and the nice, for a day jam packed with show stopping DJ’s and flowing drinks for their 10th Birthday and everyone’s invited – but if you do just one sensible thing – book your tickets now!



All you’ve got to do is show up and go wild. CandyPants is back once a month this summer with some special Surprise Sunday action. If you’re ready to dance the day away in the Balearic Sunshine as the DJ’s do their thing to bring you a worldwide renowned party you won’t wanna miss. 


3…2…1….SPRAY!!! If you’re ready to let loose, Ibiza Spray brings all the glamor with their day of complete crazy chaos! You better run for cover, because this day is explosive! The hottest DJ’s create a sparkling atmosphere topped off with some extra fizz from our spray. If you don’t leave with your hair covered in champagne and a belly ache from laughing, did you really come to this event?



If you’re one of the sensible ones and want to save some of your hard earned dosh buy your tickets NOW! to avoid paying more on the door. Be aware, some of our events do sell out so don’t say we didn’t warn you! Book your bed and dance floor tickets now.


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