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What to do when it rains in Ibiza

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Known for its blue skies and palm trees, Ibiza is praised as the white isle of sunshine and good vibes. But what if it rains? In October, the island can experience theatrical thunderstorms and dramatic downpours but they don’t last very long before the sun begins to shine from the heavens again! Nevertheless, in case you experience one of these sprays without the champagne, we have created a list of our favourite things to do below. 

Pamper yourself

See the rain as a welcome respite from the fast paced energy of Ibiza, press pause and enjoy a much needed cleanse and purification. From soothing wraps and full body scrubs to reviving facials and massages – treat your body, mind and soul to a spa day in Ibiza.  Tuck up in a big white fluffy robe and listen to the relaxing pitter-patter of the rainfall. We recommend ‘Open Spa’  at the Ibiza Gran Hotel for an all weather indulgent treat. We recommend this particular spa as it offers a ‘Pure Detox Nude Scrub and Spirulin Wrap Experience.’ This stand out treatment is the perfect way to maintain productivity during the downpour as the wrap stimulates your body to release any toxins within your body. The experience also includes a personalised located massage, meaning you can unwind and relax for the next few days of your holiday. 


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Female dipping hand in pool water
Open Spa at the Ibiza Gran Hotel

Visit the Museums

Take a break from the nightclubs and spend the day exploring the rich medieval heritage of Ibiza. 


We recommend Museu Puget, a medieval-age palace from the Catalan conquerors of Ibiza which now holds the painting of Narcís Puget. The museum itself features Moorish architecture and spans over two glorious floors.  The paintings reflect the traditional lifestyle of the 20th century on the island as well as featuring paintings and sketches of rural Ibiza. You can compare the paintings to your surroundings as barely a thing has changed in the Ibiza Old Town! 


This is also an easy option as the museum entry, lockers and toilets are all free! Definitely something to lift the gloom away! It also means you can leave your wet jacket and bags, relax and enjoy the paintings! 


Inside the stairwell of Museu Puget
Museu Puget


Indulge in gastronomy delights 


A rainy day can be the perfect opportunity to enjoy some of Ibiza’s finest gastronomy delights. While many of the restaurants on the island are famous for being outdoors and on the seafront, there are hidden gems which boast intimate indoor settings for colder days. 


For those who wish to lift the mood from the damp weather – we recommend a visit to the high energy steak restaurant STK Ibiza


Located in the Ibiza Corso Hotel and Spa, the venue provides a collection of high quality cuisine, glamorous decor and fabulous cocktails. The restaurant’s steaks play the leading role, using 28 day aged prime beef for the most tender and flavoursome dishes. STK also offers a rain free option for vegans and vegetarians with its diverse a-la-carte menu. End the evening with an ‘Exotic Fruit Platter or ‘Basque burnt cheesecake’ for the perfect curtain close! 

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Go shopping


A bit of rain is the perfect excuse to spend the day shopping inside Ibiza’s boutiques and high street retailers. Ibiza has its own unique styles and a wide variety of shops, from luxury independent brands to bohemian and hippy markets that buzz with live music and eclectic characters.


If you love leather products we recommend the handmade items by Linda Ibiza, located in Las Dalias market which remains open in the rain. This authentic Ibizian boutique sells intricate belts, beautiful handbags and bohemian footwear. Her style is inspired by the wilderness, bohemia, and sense of freedom in Ibiza. All of Linda’s products are 100% leather, handmade in Ibiza. 


If you’re after some souvenirs, we recommend the quaint town of Santa Gertrudis. The shopping centre is filled with charming stores showcasing clothes, perfumes and handmade jewelry. There are no chain stores here, Gertrudis is for the savvy shopper who seeks one off boutiques, auction houses and vintage shops. This will be a retail therapy session like no other! If you’re looking for a souvenir that reflects the easygoing hippy lifestyle of Ibiza, we recommend visiting ‘Origins’ in St Gertrudis which is brimming with hippy paraphernalia such as rings, necklaces and earrings. Be sure to look at the jewellery displayed outside the store made from dried fruit! ‘Origins’ can also be the perfect antidote to a rainy day as you can lose yourself in this artistic showcase. The owner Raquel also sells individual pieces she has been collecting since her childhood meaning you can find treasures that you cannot find elsewhere! 

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Indoor market featuring jewels and beading
Las Dalias Market
Retail store featuring neutral classic clothing and black luxury handbag
Boutique in Ibiza Town
Origins Gallery featuring a hippy, bohemian store front
Origins Gallery

Watch the rain 

Finally, what better way to embrace the weather than to watch the rain from a sheltered viewpoint! We recommend the west coast restaurant S’Avaradero which has a covered balcony terrace with views of the coastline and harbour. Enjoy the short striking displays of thunder and lighting under protection while holding a nice glass of red wine!  


Above all, do not use the rain as an excuse to waste a day in Ibiza! The change of weather should be viewed as an opportunity to see Ibiza from an entirely different angle so grab your umbrella and make the most of this incredible island! 

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