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What makes Ibiza magical?

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We say “La magia existe” in Ibiza, and you can’t say you don’t feel it too! From the palpable buzz as soon as you step off the plane to the tangible vibrations on the west coast – the island casts her spell on everyone who visits, whether they’re marginal or maverick.

Once a sleepy island for the beatnik, we now know and love it for keeping us up all day and all night from May through to October and occasionally beyond. Ibiza’s all about the high energy: dancing from dusk until dawn is a right of passage here! But there’s more to it than glitz, glamour, first class sound systems and legendary b2b sets. It’s the island itself that sparks all this joy.

The mysterious case of Es Vedrà

Take Es Vedrà, legend has it that this is the mermaid island where Greek King Odysseus lost his way in the old days and was nearly destroyed by sirens: bewitching mermaid-like creatures that seduce men with their call. On the rumour mill, Es Vedrà is the tip of the sunken civilisation of Atlantis.

Off the coast of Cala d’Hort, the mystic island is cited as the third most magnetic place in the world after the North Pole and Bermuda Triangle. This explains why navigational instruments have been known to go haywire here and why homing pigeons often get confused when flying over the triangular shaped rock. Mysterious sightings and supernatural activity are often associated with this colossal landmark.

Es Vedrà is like Ibiza’s heartbeat. That’s what makes it a popular choice for proposals and spiritual practices. Small groups regularly assemble near it for Kundalini yoga, imagine combining that with Ibiza’s majestic sunset and Es Vedrà’s energetic field – you could experience a deep transformation!

It’s crystal clear

If you’ve strolled through Las Dalias or wandered through the Ibiza Old Town, chances are you passed a vendor selling everything from amethyst to tourmaline. For centuries crystals have been used to harmonise our mind, body and chakras. Have you ever wondered why crystals and the supernatural have such a prevalence here?

It’s more than just leftover hippie culture from the 60s. Ibiza’s soil has extremely high levels of quartz crystal. Many think this is another contributing factor to the island’s special powers.

It’s all about soul

More than just for raving, Ibiza is ideal for spiritual exploration and a wonderful place for reinvention. It may seem cliché but people can find themselves here – the world is currently experiencing a global shift towards alternative therapies and healing practices, but Ibiza has long since been at the forefront holistic, wellbeing and spiritual innovation.

This Balearic island of ours is a cultural melting pot where souls from all walks of life cross paths and find that they’re in a land of yin and yang. Rhapsodic hedonists are happy here, but so are artists, chefs, reiki masters and pretty much anyone who opens their heart to the magic. Because dancing to the beat of drums at Benirràs beach with sand between our toes, is healing, and so is dancing on tables at a party with a drink in our hand and glitter on our faces.

The general mantra on the island, no matter how you prefer to spend your time, is to celebrate life. Anything goes in Ibiza: from an 8m glittery pink gorilla dominating the skies, to the breathtaking views when you walk by the salt flats near Les Salinas – it’s a grown-up playground that will leave you with memories you’ll struggle to put into words. That, to us, is magic.

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