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TWC Ibiza Challenge

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The Experiment

With Rianna Clark

Living in Ibiza can definitely take it’s toll on your body, with trying to find the balance between hectic work schedules and party lifestyles it’s pretty easy to lose track of your fitness regime! And yes I’m the prime example for this (head in hands)

So instead of spending another summer working, partying, NOT ‘having time’ for the gym, or any exercise for that matter and then massively regretting it as the season comes to a close. I decided to take a look into the several different options that are available here in Ibiza.


I met Marisa & Virgil, Founders of The Workout Club Ibiza last year and was fascinated with their passionate outlook and approach to  the health & fitness lifestyle. So… I took a look into their large and rather impressive website to see what they had to offer. Not only is their website alone full of fitness and nutritional information, useful blog posts and even introductions to the PT’s that will be training you. TWC covers all aspects of the fitness world! From several training classes and packages to cater your individual needs that are located all across the island, nutritional coaching, workshops, e-books and even discounts on all other services like yoga, super foods, nutrition supplements and more! Basically they have it all covered!

So of course I thought it would be an amazing idea to take on a TWC experiment and test out TWC’s training theories over the next two months!… oh dear lord, what have I done.

Here we go!

So once you sign up with TWC via their website, you will get a call from either Marisa or Virgil to discuss and arrange your first assessment. Mine was to be in a small group class consisting of four, in San An, in the playground opposite to O Beach Ibiza… now isn’t that just convenient! I met with Katie, a lovely, smiley … but soon to realize tough PT who did a few fitness tests with me and asked of any injuries or health conditions I may have. And with the A-okay we were good to go!

Starting my healthy eating w/ an egg white omlette w/ chicken & spinach !

So to kick start let’s go for the stats!
Start Date: 04.08.2015
Age : 23
Height: 1.78m / 5ft 10
Weight: 68.6kg / 10st 8lbs
BMI: 21,7
BF % : 20%

(yes progression photos will be uploaded…when I’m brave enough)

Class One!
Sin título
Battle Rope demo & Russian Kettlebells

The class lasted 45 mins and consisted of a series of warm up exercises and stretches followed by  HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) using Russian kettlebells, the TRX, Body weight exercises AND the Battle Robe! As well as squats, squats, rope squats and well even more squats! Which obviously were pretty damn challenging but were really fun at the same time. To me running for hours aimlessly on a conveyor belt whilst the person next to you flexes for selfies in the gym mirror is just tiresome. Then came the cool down exercises and stretches followed by a big sweaty team hug !


I have to say, it really wasn’t easy, but then again what did I expect ! After being
absent from the fitness world for some time I was definitely put through my paces and my body was certainly feeling it the next day! I later received a congratulating email from Marisa & Virgil… nice touch guys, with empathy of how I was feeling ! So I knew I wasn’t just being a baby! I felt motivated and ready to take on the world after that! Well maybe not quite the world but definitely ready and eager for what the next class and couple of months would have in store for me

For more information check out the TWC website here

in the next two months, I will be documenting my experience with TWC !
I will be introducing you to the what the classes involve, the nutritional aspect and all the fun little touches TWC offer in between!
And obviously, my fitness development and transformation!

But if you’d rather get your hands
dirty and join me…
the more the merrier then head over to the TWC website and sign up
their 2 week trial !

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