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Feeling the winter blues and in need of a getaway, then take a Quick Off-Season trip to Ibiza! 
That’s right, winter in Ibiza is the place to be and it has remained one of Ibiza’s best-kept secrets… well, until now!

Whilst mainly associated for its party and nightlife empire during the summer, winter is the time of year to get a different perspective of the island of Ibiza. With lower temperatures and calmer times winter means you can explore Ibiza’s beauty, fantastic authentic restaurants and markets and the magical winter sunsets. With direct, daily flights from the UK and most European cities it’s the perfect out-of-season escape. Here’s our guide of places to visit for a whimsical winter weekend!

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To start, bright and early on a Saturday morning head on over to beautiful town of Santa Eulalia located over on the east side of Ibiza.

FACT: The town has actually been listed in the UNESCO list of the oldest towns of the word and the credit goes to its white architecture. If you’re familiar, with Primrose Hill in London then you’ll completely understand why we think this town, located on the top of a teeny-tiny hill is Ibiza’s local version of it! Semi minus the grey skies.

Head on down to the hip Boho House for brunch before taking a stroll through the square and down to the promenade. The promenade is where you can start the Santa Eulalia River Walk where you’ll visit the Puig De Missa church (one of the most beautiful churches on the island) and The Moli of Can Planetes! Don’t worry, there’s a trail of information panels along the way, so you won’t get lost!

Next, make a Pintxos pit stop at Can Terra in Ibiza Town. The summer season can make it quite challenging to grab a table at this cozy spot, which makes it the perfect place to grab a bite and a glass of red during the calmer months!


Back en route; you want to make your way up to the west coast of the island to Cala D’hort beach to grab the last few rays of the day before moving into ‘Cala D’hort Restaurant.’ This cute restaurant is located just along the beach and is perfect for authentic paella and fantastic seafood! For a magical sunset spot, we’d recommend ‘La Torre del Pirata’ as it has an amazing view of the mystical rock of Es Vedra!

Sunday, the day of rest… yeah alright! Off to the north of the island for San Juan’s Sunday Hippie Market for the very best in bohemian vibes. This local market is one of the latest and most authentic on the island; here you can find a great diversity of products ranging from organic produce to handmade clothes and trinkets made all by the locals. Browse the stalls whilst being surrounded with performers and live bands bringing good vibes all around!


Next is, Sluiz. The extravagant and quirky Dutch owned home ware store full of everything you could ever imagine! This place is a haven for interior junkies so be prepared to spend hours salivating over the incredible collection of home ware and clothing. Think, multicolored Art Deco statues among Mongolian fleece and a wall full of urinals. You know, the usual.

Also, once a year, Sluiz creates a space for all types of cuisine to come together in the food festival ‘The Ibiza Food Factory’ and boy oh boy is it one to tick off the list!


Now time for more food! In the small traditional village of Santa Gertrudis, full of art galleries, funky clothes shops and artisan goods, you’ll find WildBeets. A cutting edge restaurant serving up the finest vegan and plant-based cuisine, all year round! With it’s well designed interior with fireplace in tow as well as a terrace outside on Santa G’s traditional pedestrianized plaza you’ll have plenty of choice to sit back and enjoy a fab vegan burger!


To finish off the weekend in pure bliss, it’s time for that winter sunset at Cap des Falco that just so happens to be very close to the airport! The sunset from this point is incredible at any point of the year, however with less people on the island heading to this spot this gives you a chance to embrace an opportunity to fully relax in this truly tranquil moment before boarding your plane home.



See, we weren’t kidding when we said the winter is one of Ibiza’s best kept secrets!  Come and see for yourselves!

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