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The Importance Of Massage !

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There are some superb benefits to be found through having regular massage therapy treatments. Especially from one of our  Professional Massage Therapists here at O Beach Ibiza.

Whether your need is to have a moment of relaxation, reduce muscle tension or attain relief from chronic pain, a therapeutic massage is the way forward!

Here are 5 simple reasons to have a massage whilst your in Ibiza:

1 – Your on Holiday!


If ever there was a better time to get a massage, then it would have to be whilst on holiday. It’s the time where there’s absolutely no reason to have any worries whether that’s work, family, bills etc.  It’s the time to focus on you! So remember holidays are to relax, breakaway, enjoy & have fun.

2 – Eliminating pain, Injuries and Muscle Tension!:

Whether you’re an athlete, mum, student or just work in office, you will have come across some sort of pain. We have all had those days when simply reaching down to lace up a pair of trainers is an issue too painful to complete. An athletic injury, sleeping in the wrong position, or lifting a heavy box can all cause chaos on your muscles and stop you dead in your tracks for days. Thankfully, a course of regular massage treatments can help relieve this muscle pain, tension, and soreness. Most common are tight shoulders, neck, lower back and legs.

3. Relieve Stress, Anxiety and Depression


Besides supporting good physical health, massage can also improve your emotional and mental well-being.
Psychological health issues like anxiety and depression can be related to elevated cortisol levels. Many different studies indicate massage helps combat these issues because it can reduce levels of cortisol while increasing neurotransmitters that combat depression.

Psychological problems are often apparent in physical ways. Think about it, what does your body do when your feeling down and low? Most likely it  feels achy and weak, your shoulders droop, you drag your feet and you slump over. Massage therapists call this a “structural collapse” which happens when we feel depressed.

4 – Hangovers and No Energy

Most likely, 80% of holiday makers will have at least one day where you will have drank a few too many strawberry daiquiris, vodkas or shots, and you are not feeling the will to go on!

In essence the massage is a fantastic way to come back to a quick recovery, with boosting your immune system.

A 2010 study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine found that massage boosts patients’ white blood cell count (which plays a large role in defending the body from disease).

The “O Beach Detox Massage” is specifically designed by Celebrity Masseur Ashley Fernando. The treatment is compiled with lots of techniques, but incorporates Lymphatic Drainage, Lomi Lomi Style Massage with Facial and Cranial Pressure Points.

5 – Massage can make you look younger!


Forget Botox! Why stick needles in your head when a much more simple and natural facial massage can make you look younger, healthier and more beautiful.

Massaging relaxes your facial muscles, which softens your expression, including those unattractive lines we can get from scowling and squinting.

Makeup artist Gucci Westman told the Wall Street Journal that she often gives fashion models facial massages before they walk down the runway.

“For early morning shows when everyone’s puffy and not quite awake, facial massage is like coffee for the skin. Everything comes to life.”

Since massage improves circulation throughout your largest organ – your skin! – it can also give you a more radiant appearance. Simply put – good blood flow gives you that special glow.

6 – It Feels Wonderful !!!: 

Any one who has had a massage can confirm that you feel like a new person afterwards.  In addition to all the health benefits listed above Massage Therapy boosts endorphins, the same hormone associated with a runners high.  If you have never had a professional massage, now is the time to try!


Here is a list of conditions for which massage therapy, when provided by a Professional Massage Therapist, can prove beneficial:

Anxiety and depression Asthma and Emphysema
Back, leg, and neck pain Cancer symptoms
Carpal tunnel syndrome (repetitive strain) Chronic Fatigue syndrome
Dislocations Fibromyalgia
Fractures and edema Gastrointestinal disorders
Headaches Inflammatory conditions such as arthritis and bursitis
Insomnia Kyphosis and Scoliosis
Multiple sclerosis Parkinson’s disease
Muscle tension and spasm Palliative care
Post-surgical rehabilitation Pregnancy and labour support
Sports injuries Strains and sprains
Stress and stress related conditions Stroke
Tendinitis Whiplash

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