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The Best Tacos in Ibiza!

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112 what’s your emergency? There’s a fire blazing at our sister venue Bam Bu Ku so if you can’t stand the heat of the kitchen you know what to do, however we think this smoke is worth checking out. Carry on reading if need some foodie inspo…

The Saturday Mex-I-Ku brunches at Bam Bu Ku have been making flames this summer with its fiery culinary delights and colourful entertainments so we thought we’d taco ‘bout how you can recreate some tasty little Mexican treats at home.

However before you read on we need you to get into our Saturday ‘Day of the Dead’ theme so crack open your choice of spirit (pun intended), we suggest Mexico’s very own Don Julio and turn la musica UP with our spicy little Mex-I-Ku playlist curated by our resident DJ Sam Dungate to get that fiesta feeling really flowing.

People holding tequila shots and 'cheersing'

Now let’s taco ’bout food

From tender steak to shrimp and avocado, braised chicken to grilled courgette and tomato – there are hundreds of mouth watering combinations for your Mexican taco filling!  But which one is best? Which one will cause a RIOT at a vegetarian dinner party, or a vegan Mexican night? Our Head Chef Lule has all the secret hints and tips…..

For our meat-loving foodies, Lule suggests using truly authentic ingredients such as chicharrón (fried pork rinds) and cecina (beef jerky) as the main component in your tacos. He recommends marinating your shredded beef, pork or chicken in cumin, paprika, garlic, chilli powder, salt and freshly cracked pepper the night before for that FIESTA of flavour! Lule also loves to add some crunchy cabbage and smoky artichoke hearts for a perfectly MOREISH combination. For more of our Head Chef’s secrets, click here!

Calling our vivacious veggies, try a taco for breakfast – you’ll find no judgement here, we’d probably team it with a Mezcal Bloody Mary as well! Lule suggests filling your taco with soft scrambled egg, creamy avocado, fresh coriander leaves and lime juice seasoned bell peppers with chilli flakes and a good dollop of spicy salsa. 

And for the vegans! Most Mexican dishes feature herby beans, spicy rice and chargrilled corn – so tasty and totally vegan friendly! Lule suggests adding grilled tofu, vegan cheese, and dairy-free sour cream for an overfilling handful of vegan taco heaven. 

Need some explosive heat? For those scoville loving señors and señoritas, Lule suggests adding jalapeños to your meat marinade, fresh raw garlic on top of your vegan fillings, and fiery paprika on top of your veggie scrambled egg taco. 

Then, there’s the washing up……..AY AY AY, HOLD IT THERE!  We love tacos, but nothing kills the fiesta vibe like the thought of washing up after. 

So actually if you can’t stand the heat of the kitchen we seriously recommend you get yourselves out of there and let us let us transport you to direct Mexico City (well sort of) with our Mexican-themed dining experience every Saturday at Bam Bu Ku.


Three people wearing Mexican themed clothing in 'Day of the Dead' makeup outside Bam-Bu-Ku

There we will fulfil all of your Mexican dreams with Lule’s creations which includes his most popular taco with beer battered fish accompanied with crushed avocado, aromatic coriander, light sour cream and tangy lime coleslaw.

For something sweet, try Lule’s crispy peking duck tacos with a jammy plum sauce sprinkled with crunchy spring onions. On top of this you will be served a heavenly mountain of loaded nachos, iberian ham croquettes, porcini mushrooms and roquefort cheese croquettes, Mexican bean salad bursting with sweet cherry tomatoes and soft chickpeas and let’s not forget the all important churros with caramel and chocolate dipping sauces. Plus much much more…

If you’re craving even more dessert inspiration on the island, check out our blog here

Bartender making cocktails

At Mex-I-Ku, we’ll also pour you a FIERY welcome cocktail filled with Don Julio Blanco, flaming chartreuse, rosemary, bitter orange marmalade, cinnamon syrup and lime juice and for those of you who love a kick, our lovely bartender Silvia can shake up a Mex-I-Ku Moscow Mule made with Cîroc vodka, fresh lime, ginger beer and spicy angostura bitters. 

So put your maracas in the air if you’ll be joining us this year. There are only 3 dates left so be quick to book your table!

Join us for our Mex-I-Ku season finale on the 31st when we will be taking our Day of the Dead theme 6 feet underground with our Halloween edition Mexi-I-BOO starting from 8pm til late! 

Smiling woman with hands in the air at Mex-I-Ku

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