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this is how we roll!


The sushi kitchen here at O Beach Ibiza is one of our best kept secrets, a little hidden ‘Gem’ if you will. 
We caught up with Sushi Chef Gemma Moclan to talk about the Japanese cuisine that’s rapidly taking over.


What’s your favourite sushi to make / eat?
My personal favourite sushi to eat would be salmon nigiris ! I love them!  With making sushi there’s no dish in particular, I just love to keep creating new fun and exciting dishes.


What is the most important ingredient in a piece of sushi ?
Rice! Believe it or not ! Actually with sushi its not about one important ingredient , but a set of little ingredients to make a whole.
Tell us a fun sushi fact
Everyone tends to use chopsticks to eat sushi, but actually it’s traditionally eaten with the fingers.
11704821_846866532074292_8687573088069338685_nSpider Roll (6 pieces) at O Beach Ibiza
Talk us through your daily routine at O Beach Ibiza …
I’ll arrive, start to make the rice and cut the fish.
Then the magic and joy of doing what we love begins.
What’s the most popular dish here at O Beach Ibiza?
The most popular dish here at O Beach Ibiza is the 40 piece Combination Platter aka Beach Platter. Then it would be a very close call between the Poki Roll and the Ceviche Roll

But for me without a doubt the best dish we have is the Lobster Ocean Collosal Roll


16120_732311386863141_5012593418437116594_nCalifornia Roll (8 pieces) at O Beach Ibiza
And finally, Why should people try the sushi here at O Beach Ibiza?
Because we use the freshest of ingredients and along with the knowledge and skills of our chefs, the customer is always satisfied and they keep coming back for more !

well All that talk on sushi has made me
rather hungry and I’m sure it has you too!

so Make sure you check out our amazing hand crafted sushi on your day here at O Beach Ibiza!

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