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Hey guys! Krystal Roxx here. You may or may not feel like you know me. If you don’t, check out the post I wrote here last time. I can’t wait to be back behind the decks at O Beach Ibiza again, joined by my fierce team at Superfoxx and this year, JD.

Women are massively under represented in dance music and the clubbing scene. That’s why Superfoxx runs mentoring events in schools and runs parties for 13 year olds, it’s in the hope that we can educate at a young level.

I started DJing 13 years ago with HedKandi. House is the most elevated, feel-good genre of music there is – it has you singing, dancing and feeling your best. That rush of happiness is what we’re all about. We want to empower women through our parties and until the balance is in a female favour, Superfoxx will only showcase female talent.

My work takes me all over the world and all too often I’ve noticed that women from all walks of life don’t naturally feel good about themselves. Building confidence through our events is the fundamental purpose.

When it comes to West End clubbing in London, I believe that a Superfoxx event is the only one of its kind where a group a women can dress up for a party and feel positive and welcome no matter how they look. I want to amplify that vibe all over the world, starting with Ibiza.

Related imageCollaborating comes naturally to me. Earlier this year I was supporting my brother with this clothing range brpsly (think athleisure meets functionality for girls) and in a meeting with JD I got talking, finding common ground in our mission to inspire the next generation of women. So we joined forces and they’ve been instrumental in supporting Superfoxx this summer. In fact they’ll be joining us on the island this season in search of future talent.

We want you to feel the best version of yourself with a soundtrack to match and what better place than the stunning, spiritual, music capital of the world Ibiza! Back for a fourth party, we LOVE O Beach Ibiza for its big, bold and totally unique productions. Having fun is what we both do best, so if you want to share skills and look and feel your best, come party with us.

We’ll see you on the 26th May, in the meantime here’s a playlist to get you in the mood.

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