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One of the most beautiful things to come out of this strange time is seeing how the world has  come together and connected through acts of kindness, concentration on the wellbeing of others and the sharing of important information. We have all started to create a new temporary reality for ourselves where modern technology has been an integral part of making self isolation enjoyable. Here at O Beach Ibiza we are staying home, staying safe and finding ways to stay sane!


This blog has been created to help keep you on a positive path while self isolating. Spending time with yourself can be such a powerful experience and here are a few things we thought could help you on your journey.

Picture credit to @rwl

Staying active

The way we stay active has changed dramatically but luckily for us we have access to so many wonderful websites and fitness ambassadors that can help us stay on track. 


Fitness Blender is a great website to help with all your fitness needs. They have an amazing selection of workout videos which can be filtered based on what equipment you have access to and your objectives. They also have a variety of healthy recipes full of flavour and perfect for anyone wanting to stay in shape.


If you have been struggling for motivation then Results Wellness Lifestyle have created a weekly timetable in which you can tune in live on their instagram to take part in group exercise classes. They have a different class each day ranging from Full body HIT to Yoga. Such a great way to still feel like you are working out in a group and sticking to your daily health regimen.

Picture credit to @headspace


For anyone who has ever wanted to learn the art of meditation but always felt they didn’t have the time there is finally no excuse. Meditation is the ideal practice to get you through self isolation not only can it help you to stay grounded but it is also a perfect way to calm your nerves and put you in a positive mindset. A great app for you to download is headspace, especially if this is all new to you. Headspace allows you to follow simple guided meditation at your selected length of time, you can track your progress and increase intensity as and when you’re ready to move to the next stage.


Youtube is another great way to access guided meditations that will help structure your day. There are so many to choose from each with a different purpose, some are to help you start your day with an open heart and positive frame of mind while others focus on helping you attract your biggest desires. Using this isolation time as a way to manifest your dreams could not only help you to achieve everything you have ever wanted when the world has moved on from this but it is also a great way to remind yourself of the things that are important to you! We would suggest trying this short 20-minute meditation to start.


Practicing gratitude

One huge positive of this situation is the realization of how much we have taken for granted. It’s amazing how all of a sudden the most basic task like grabbing a coffee on your morning commute sounds like the dream. Once we turn a leaf and society resumes its normal order, never again we will dismiss how lucky we are to have the freedom to travel around the world, or cuddle a loved one in their time of need, this alone is such a profound change for the better. 


This is a great time to start a gratitude journey allowing you to really understand what it is that’s important to you and what you are grateful for each day. One of our go-to apps is the five-minute journal, this simple and easy to use tool will give a check-in each morning and evening putting you in a healthy mindset before you start your day and last thing at night!


Picture credit @yeahunyou


As we all know, laughing is a beautiful medicine that can really help to keep you in a healthy mindset. Something lovely that has really surfaced since this outbreak is the sharing of funny videos, memes and stories adding brightness to our days. There are too many to mention however here are a few funny insta accounts that will keep you daily scroll full of laughter. 


Yeahunyou is a great account bursting with hilarious memes and videos ready to be shared with your nearest and dearest. Using a selection of classic TV moments this account re-creates them combining some of your favourite personalities with relatable self isolation obstacles making them perfect for anyone looking to have a laugh @yehhunyou. Another account that couldn’t go without a mention is @tiktock this tool has been dominating news feeds recently with phenomenal home made videos not only keeping us all laughing but also a great way to keep yourself entertained at home while creating them. 

Picture credit @Jayshetty


There are so many inspiring accounts that you can follow to ensure you’re making use of this time. Now more than ever wise words will go a very long way and someone who is full of them is Jay Shetty. Jay lived as a monk for many years  and fully understands the meaning of finding peace within and how to apply it to everyday life. 


For someone so wise and inspiring it is crazy that he is only 33, however this is also what makes him so relatable as he understands the struggles of balancing modern life along with the best way to communicate with his audience using entertaining content. His facebook page is full of captivating videos each teaching different tools and techniques to cope with testing times. His instagram is a collection of inspiring quotes and fascinating interviews all giving you food for thought and subtly directing you on the right path!

Picture credit @Brianharthoffman


All of a sudden it is March and we’re mindlessly eating and drinking like it is Christmas. With so many amazing chefs and foodies online self isolation is an excellent opportunity to find an amazing recipe and give your cooking the love and time it deserves. Not only are you and your loved ones getting a treat at the end of it but the process can be very rewarding and therapeutic. We suggest turning your hand at baking, we all deserve to indulge in some mouthwatering sweet treats and what better way to boost morale than with homemade cookies, scones, cakes and muffins. For delicious recipes Brian Hartoffman is a great account to follow just looking at his pictures can bring joy, so imagine tasting them.

Picture credit @Mariekondo


The saying goes tidy house tidy mind and we can all agree the feeling of blitzing your house from top to bottom then making a well deserved cup of tea and putting your feet up is priceless. When you take it a step further and empty all of your wardrobe or clothes stored away collecting dust and start to really get down to the nitty gritty then you’re in the money. This is something a lot of us do and half way through look around at the bombsite we’ve created and start to wonder if it was a really bad idea. 


When we make it out the otherside the feeling of accomplishment is always worth the sweat and tears. There are some pioneers amongst us in which decluttering and organisation comes very naturally, one person that has to be mentioned is the guru herself Marie Kondo. Marie has taught thousands of people all over the world to keep their house in order in a practical way that is simple to maintain. While we are all self isolating this is a time to brush up on your organisation skills and get your home feeling user friendly!


Music is so powerful it has the ability to transport your mind to a moment of time that fills you with joy. Everyday in the summer at O Beach Ibiza we witness partygoers enjoying and connecting with each other on the dancefloor through their love of good music. 


Over the last week we have seen some huge DJs stream live for our listening pleasure and the way it has brought people together across the world has been touching. One of our favourites was Micheal Bibi going back to back with Hotsince82, if you missed it don’t worry here is the link for your listening pleasure.


Lastly you can always follow our Spotify or Soundcloud for your favourite poolside music delivered straight to your home, so until we see you again we’re only one click away @obeachibiza!


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