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You may not be able to get to Ibiza at the moment but that definitely doesn’t mean we can’t help bring the magic of Ibiza to you!

We have absolutely loved watching you recreate O Beach Ibiza in your own homes and it’s made us realise nothing will stop us or you guys from having a party together (even if we are apart).

So we have decided that although we can’t physically have our original opening party event in Ibiza just yet we are planning a big Bank Holiday digital party so we can share 13 hours of music and entertainment with you on Friday 8th May!

To get you prepared to join us in this all day party (and afterparty) we thought we would give you a helping hand by pulling together the perfect shopping list to help you create your very own O Beach pool party– at home!

Step 1: Pool Party Essential

In need of dipping your toe in the pool? No problemo!!! Add a splash of colour to your garden with this rainbow coloured paddling pool. Get the cocktails on the go, close your eyes and you’ll almost believe your there. The best thing about this purchase is it’s called ‘Sunset Glow’ which means you even get the vibes of Ibiza’s most famous beauty!

Step 2: The Inflatable

It may be obvious that an inflatable is key to any O Beach pool party but the big question is which one should you go for? Well how’s about feeling like you’re part of one of our crane shows? ASOS have got this inflatable replica of our Jellyfish show which you could try your best acrobatic skills out with or you could just sit in it! You decide!

Step 3: Orange Cups

Hands up if you’ve nicked one of our famous orange cups!!! Well you should know we’ve taken screenshots of your Instagram posts and stories showing them off and we know where you live so we’re coming over – the least you can do is pour us a cocktail! Jokes we’re on lockdown obvs!!!!

Anyway for those of you that aren’t light fingered you don’t have to feel left out as no O Beach party would be the same without one of these legendary beverage holders. Thankfully for you we have them online to purchase in our online boutique. If you really want to represent you could even get yourself a cap, hoodie, tshirt and more. O Beach brand ambassador? You bet ya!

Step 4: A bottle for your table

It’s going to be a long old session with 13 hours of music to tantalise the soul so how are you going to tantalise the tastebuds? With a little drop of Ciroc that’s how! No O Beach bed is complete without an ice bucket full of our favourite vodka and best thing is it comes in all sorts of flavours to suit whatever fruity mood you’re in! Pineapple, Red Berry, Watermelon, Peach, Mango, Apple and even Grapefruit and if you’re feeling a little extra you can purchase their Limited Edition Moschino designed bottle!

Head to for all your beverage needs as they deliver straight to your door and they’ve even got a whole section dedicated to barware if you’re looking to turn your kitchen in to a cocktail parlour. But please drink responsibly – we don’t want the worst to happen in the morning – you know what we’re talking about – reliving our drunken insta-stories and Tik Toks that have been up for 8 hours already!

Step 5: Make it Rain

No not that type of rain, we mean a shower of confetti! Make your neighbours jel of your lockdown by recreating your very own wow factor moments in the comfort of your own garden….or living room. Confetti supermarket have got you covered with lots of options and even have biodegradable versions so you can ensure you’re parting guilt free by keeping eco-friendly. Remember to take videos of your showpiece moments and tag as in on your socials as we might re-share. We want in on the fun!

Step 6: Shiny Disco balls

If you’re really wanting to go all out then why not treat yourself to a disco ball (we’re sure it will come in handy again). Get those Soul Heaven vibes going with a bit of retro party apparatus – disco balls will never go out of fashion and lucky for you we’ve found this cute 20cm version that will bring a little bit of sparkle to your home made pool party and will look great in your photos too.

Step 7: Ingredients

Now with 13 hours of non stop music you’re going to have to keep your stamina up so we’ve drafted in our Head Chef Lule direct from Brazil to give you a cooking masterclass so you can feel like you’re sat directly in our restaurant. He will go live on Tue 5th May so you can learn how to recreate our famous O Beach wok noodles from the comfort of your own kitchen! Tune in on our Insta channel and get yourself the following ingredients to join in the culinary fun:

  • x1 fillet of chicken breast (you can substitute for prawns or tofu)
  • x1 packet glass noodles
  • x1 red onion
  • x 1 bunch broccoli
  • x1 red pepper
  • x1 yellow pepper
  • x 2 cloves of garlic
  • x10g ginger
  • x1 carrot
  • x50ml soya sauce
  • x10ml sesame oil
  • x10ml oyster sauce
  • x5ml sunflower oil

Step 8: Staying in outfit

White Lace Organza Jumpsuit view main view

Who says you can’t look fabulous on lockdown? Ok we love lounge pants as much as the next person but sometimes you’ve just got to remind yourself what day of the week it is and routine is key – so get yourself ready like a normal Friday night! Take down your messy lockdown bun (yes we know it’s a hard chore), whip out your make-up bag, splash on a bit of perfume and dust down your glad rags.

Feel like you want to do some shopping? Don’t worry our friends at I Saw It First have got you covered and are still delivering glam – check out their Dress Up, Stay In collection.

Final Step: Bed-lam

Now if you’re really really missing O Beach Ibiza you could always take it to the next level with your very own O Beach bed! Dream no more as you’ll have the full set up with this faux leather replica and you won’t be asked to leave by security when the doors close! Ok we have no idea how much it costs and we very much doubt it will get to you in time so we’re definitely joking but maybe you guys can create your own round bed for the day – a bit like when you built dens when you were little but the Ibiza version!

Remember to tag us in all of your photos and videos as we love sharing the moments with you!

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