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ONE word with DJ Spoony

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With the introduction of our in-house event ONE, this year marks a new era at O Beach Ibiza.

ONE has been designed to take you on a meaningful journey through the beats of R’n’B, Garage, Hip Hop and Soulful House. It has a special purpose: to bring people together through music. This becomes clearer when we break down the meaning of ONE.

The meaning of ONE:

To become ONE is to be in unison and harmony
ONE can turn dreams and ideas into reality
ONE represents confidence, strength and someone who doesn’t follow the crowd
ONE is always at the forefront, a spearpoint directing and leading others
ONE is a force that produces results and does not allow anything or anyone to limit its potential
The combination of 111 means the beginning of a new path
111 is the message that divine intervention is happening, or about to happen

DJ Spoony will be the weekly resident DJ at ONE. In the spirit of the event name we asked him to answer 10 questions with a single word.

Describe what you think ONE Thursdays will be like:


What’s your favourite drink?


Tupac or Biggie?


Sunset or sunrise?


Original or remix?


What would you be if not a DJ?


Fill in the blank: _____ for President.


Beach or club?


Fill in the blank: a penguin comes to O Beach wearing a sombrero and says _____:


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