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It's International Music Day!

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With International Music Day falling on the 1st October 2017, it got us thinking about the impact that music brings to our lives and the profound change it can make on a person. All it can take is a couple of chords from your favourite track to lift your spirits, get you dancing and even make an otherwise pretty crappy day suddenly not all that bad! How we all have those songs that we vow to never skip on shuffle, the songs that we cannot help but belt out like  X Factor contestants whilst stuck in traffic on the M25 and those songs that will stay implanted as memories of a place, a person or a feeling. The impact music can have on each and every one of us is pretty fascinating, I mean what else could you possibly think of that has the ability to bring people of all ages, sizes, and cultural backgrounds together in harmony?

So, to celebrate International Music Day, here are some our favourite and fun facts of musical legends and the island of ibiza that I’m sure are bound to surprise you!

George Michael with Pikes Hotel owner Tony Pike!

#1. Sid Vicious, the late famed Sex Pistols member lived on the island of Ibiza with his mother during his childhood before moving to London.


#2. Wham’s top hit ‘Club Tropicana’s music video was filmed here in Ibiza at the one and only, raucous fun house, Pikes Hotel!


#3. David Bowie’s hit track ‘Life on Mars’ mentions Ibiza

From Ibiza to the Norfolk Broads


#4. Freddie Mercury celebrated his 41st birthday at Pikes Hotel, cited as one of the most lavish parties ever to be held on Ibiza! Rumour has it that it took three days to inflate the countless gold and black helium balloons that filled the hotel.

Legend Freddie Mercury at Pikes Hotel

The hotel made a incredible 6ft long cake decorated with the musical notes of Mercury’s hit Barcelona. Waiters opened 350 bottles of Moet & Chandon champagne in less than an hour for the 700 guests.

There were flamenco dancers…and fantasy dancers.  And in the cold light of morning, hotel boss Tony Pike meticulously drew up the bill – which was the largest he had ever presented.

Pikes to this day celebrate Mercury’s birthday with an annual event held every September for all islanders to come together to celebrate the late icon!

Freddie also performed with Montserrat Caballe at superclub privilege. Parts of the rigging still exists today!


#5.’1973′ by James Blunt was written about a girl he once met in Pacha. Blunt also owns a villa in Ibiza where he once got into trouble for hosting his wedding on a beach there without

Freddie Mercury & Montserrat Caballe performing at Privilege

getting permission first!


#6. Speaking of Blunt, apparently Oasis star Noel Gallagher put his £5.5million Ibiza villa on the market, saying that he can’t stand living there in the knowledge that Blunt is nearby making terrible music.


#7. Celebrity DJ couple Fatboy Slim and  Zoe Ball first met in Ibiza. Fatboy Slim spent this summer as Amnesia’s resident for Cream every Thursday in 2017!


#8. The Vengaboy’s 1999 hit “We’re Going to Ibiza” won an NME Award for Worst Single in 2000.


Mike Oldfield – Voyager album released 1996

#9. Mike Oldfield featured the mystical Es Vedra rock on his 1996 Voyager album cover, and the island inspired his Tubular Bells III album in 1998.


#10. David Cameron sometimes rents an £11,000 per week holiday home on Ibiza. He once hosted an ‘Ibiza Rave’ themed birthday party there for his wife.



It’s not too late to grab a your flight to Ibiza for one last shindig of summer 2017!

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