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Meet the Illustrator behind our NEW Soul Heaven Artwork!

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Hello! I’m Kate Philipson, an illustrator from London, and I have been invited by the lovely people at O Beach to share my work with you. ! !

Although I live and work in London, I have been a regular visitor to Ibiza for over a decade and have lots of ties to the island. I have had so much fun on Ibiza, making many inspiring memories and friends here in the process, and now I’m happy to say my work brings me here too!!!

Soul Heaven Girl-03

In fact O Beach is one of my most recent clients on the island. I was commissioned to create an illustration for Soul Heaven’s summer 2015 season of events at O Beach. Soul Heaven are known for using really iconic imagery, so I was excited to create something bespoke for them.

While the brief was quite specific – to create a sexy girl with a big afro hairstyle made of records – I enjoyed translating it into my style and am pleased with the resulting image. I’m coming to the island later this month, so I can’t wait to see this girl in situ.! !


My illustrations have a bold, graphic style that is strongly influenced by pop art. This graphic style has taken me a few years to find, and in the past I often varied my style to suit the work. If you area regular visitor to Ibiza, you might have seen this poster featuring a pin-up girl that I created for the nightclub Es Paradis’ water parties. She’s very different to the girls I draw now but she was really fun to work on and Es Paradis still uses the image today. ! !

Dog named-08

Whilst I spend most of my time working on commissions and portraits, another area of my work is creating illustrated logos. My latest one – and one you might come across on Ibiza – is for the photographer Matt Morgan. Matt is the house photographer at O Beach and specialises in wedding photography on the island. He asked me to create a quirky logo that would convey his personality and style. I found an image of a dapper Boston Terrier that he really liked, so I created an illustrated version for him. ! !

what__ named-01

In between commissions I spend my time working on personal projects. I love finding dramatic photographs and turning them into illustrations. I start all my illustrations by hand with pencil and paper, I then import the image and finesse it digitally, working with vectors. Recently I have started taking this process one step further by transferring my illustrations onto large scale paintings – I hope to take this even larger scale in future, by painting murals of my work. I’d love to paint a mural somewhere on Ibiza, so watch this space…! !

This is just a snapshot of the work I do – to see more please check out my website I have prints available for sale here ( and am always open to taking on new commissions so please get in touch if you have a project in mind. !

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