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Six years ago we changed Thursdays with the launch of our in-house event ON111. We felt the island was missing a different kind of beat, so we developed ON111 where we take you on a journey through the beats of R’n’B, hip hop, UK garage and soulful house—hosted by the legendary DJ Spoony (BEM) whose superpower is healing through music.

ON111 is a party that we created to unite people on the dance floor and there’s meaning behind every facet of it. Take the name alone—to become ON111 is to become in unison and harmony; the combination of 111 means the beginning of a new path and 111 is the message that divine intervention is happening or about to happen.

With these messages in mind, past party themes and shows have been inspired by love, equality, positivity, kindness, the planet, communication, equality, the art of dancing and of course, the power of music. This year, our ON111 2024 ideation journey showed us inner strength, superpowers and, in keeping with the beach club’s overarching #icOnic theme this year, the icon David Bowie. His individuality shined bright, much like his superpowers: stagecraft and reinvention and his message which shouted loud to be whoever you wanted to be. We also found inspiration from the pop-art word ‘pow’ that so often appears in superhero comic books, giving it an O Beach Ibiza twist so it becomes ‘power’ for our 2024 ON111 party theme.

From those starting points, we went on to develop our dancers into ON111 superheroes, who fly in every Thursday to remind everyone they have the power to be whoever they want. We were guided by Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust persona and his quirky fashion traits: one-legged bodysuits, shoulder details and the iconic lightning bolt motif.

You can’t miss our RainBOWIE dancers, rocking red hair and inspiring everyone to dance. An important part of this character development was the costume. These bold, primary-coloured pieces were designed by Madrid-based designer José Megía, whose superpower is costume design that combines technical flair with fashion-forward thinking. He comes from the worlds of entertainment, flamenco, dancing and nightlife, his work has appeared on Ru Paul’s Drag Race Spain and Vogue Italy, and his clients include Lady Gaga and Billy Porter (to name but a few of his merits).

José takes an artisanal approach to his work, bringing culture and myriad influences to his craft. With his belief that imagination has no limits and his dedication to breaking barriers and stereotypes, it felt harmonious collaborating with him on the outfits for ON111 2024.

The artwork for ON111 is another important part of our storytelling. Season after season our creative team go through a process to pull together visual assets but this year, the ON111 poster came to life accidentally and beautifully. José supplied us with sketches during his own creative process and our designers made a link between the fashion illustrations and the ON111 poster branding. The final design felt innovative, fashion-forward and striking—just like Bowie.

This year’s theme aims to encourage you to use your voice to better the world, use your words to make somebody smile, sing to make somebody dance, motivate others with words of affirmation and inspire with the freedom you have to speak. Filling the sky with neon pops of colour, our majestic pop-art lip show joins the party to reinforce these affirmations.

Don’t miss our telephone box ground show too, which makes a stop on the dance floor and invites guests to make ON111 call—will you speak to God? Your younger self? Someone from a past life?

Every Thursday, be sure to look up and look out for our shooting star guitar prop that descends into the beach club like a lightning bolt in the sky. This crane show is designed to remind everyone to keep dreaming. Don’t forget that you have the power to do whatever you want! In some ways, this prop represents our superpowers—immersive shows and magical, musical moments. We’re here to make you dance!

Our ON111 branding-emblazoned ghetto blaster comes charging through the venue, reminding you to turn off the news and turn up the music. Superheroes on hand too, blasting C02 and upping the ante on the dance floor. The ghetto blaster has another superpower—it doubles up as a wishing object. All of you sunshine seekers are given pens and post-its to write your wishes and intentions on, before sticking them firmly to the boom box. We’re saving every single one until the Closing Party, where there will be a musical moment where they are released into the universe. May all of your dreams come true.

Tap into your superpowers at ON111 on Thursdays.

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