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Inspiring Healthy Food Instagram Accounts to Follow

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‘Healthy eating’ means different things for different people but for us it just means balance. We rounded up some of our favourite ‘at-home’ chefs’ instagram accounts to inspire you to create a rainbow of new snacks, meals and drinks. Some of these Instagrammers have written books, others just have a penchant for making your low-cal meals look super pretty with ingredients like edible flowers and freeze-dried fruit powders.

If you take just one recipe from each of our favourite foodie accounts you’ll be able to enjoy amazing food made well, and satisfy a sweet tooth in creative but good-for-you ways.


Given the current global climate, there has never been a better time to start reducing your intake of meat.


Michaela Vais is a wiz in the vegan kitchen. From pink, no-bake vegan cakes to creamy pastas and curry, this Dutch food stylist and recipe creator has a meat and dairy-free recipe for pretty much everything!

We recommend the mushroom stroganoff followed by coconut cream cake for dessert.


BIG flavours, small recipes. Dana Schultz’ lives up to her instagram handle and offers up quick recipes aimed at using no more than one bowl and 10 ingredients. Got a fridge full of veg but no inspiring ideas about what to do with them? Try a Thai-inspired kale salad or mini eggplant pizzas!


New York-based Sua Park is a certified health and wellness coach and believes that what you eat affects the look and health of your skin, not just on your face, but all over your body. These recipes are designed to give you million dollar skin and feelings. Looking to up the ante on your avo toasts? Or how about some kale lemon pasta goodness? Green food never looked so good. 


Portland based for years, food stylist, recipe develop and wellness writer Alison Wu now lives in Mexico sharing her love for local and organic ingredients through snapshots of plant-based food. This foodie’s instagram account is an authentic account of her day-to-day lifestyle choices from trash-picking on the beach to serving up pastel coloured chia parfaits.


Jeanine Donofrio knows a thing or two about rustling up healthy food that you actually want to eat, usually finished with a squeeze of lemon or lime. Whether it’s date night or Taco Tuesday, she’ll have a delicious recipe for you and while most of them are vegetarian, there’s always room to add a little of what you like.


Izy Hossack is a Londoner with a penchant for flexitarian and baking recipes (check out the Vegan funfetti Drake on Cake cakes she made for a friend’s wedding!)
There’s noodle soup made with coconut milk and topped with crispy tofu for colder days, colourful smoothie bowls for the warmer days and lots of tasty suggestions in-between.


Viola Hau, bored in Germany and now living in London, offers an insta feed that isn’t bright and colourful, but cosy and inviting. Think home comforts and inspiring food shots of things like dark rye bread with Grandma’s homemade apricot jam.

Her favourite life advice? “Doing the work is up to the person but whether it works out is up to the sky”.

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