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Missing Ibiza? Need a little mind getaway? Well we’ve found the best selection of books written about Ibiza and we have something for everyone so make sure you read on to see which one you want to get your heads in to.


Ibiza Bohemia: Maya Boyd & Renu Kashyap

Coffee Table book at its finest!

This lavishly fabulous book is written by fashion editor Renu Kashyap and Travel Writer Maya Boyd and explores the island’s history, architecture, yoga retreats and stunning seascape. Boasting over 200 illustrations and nostalgic photos this is a perfect book for anyone who holds a special place in their heart for Ibiza. Bound in a stunningly eye-catching pink silk hardcover this will take pride of place on any chic coffee table and will be something you and your guests will enjoy looking at over and over again.



Is Harry on the Boat: Colin Butts

 The rebellious read!

Is Harry on the Boat is a cult novel written by Ibiza legend Colin Butts and is based on his amusing diaries as a holiday rep in Ibiza. Published in 1997, the novel is focused around the main character Brad and his young hot rep mates with storylines involving partying, sex, dilemmas, and of course a love story. It’s not for anyone looking for an innocent read as it’s a little bit raunchy in places and definitely involves a lot of debauchery.

If you’re not the reading kind of person, the novel was actually turned in to a film in 2001 starring lots of familiar faces including; Danny Dyer, Will Mellor and Davinia Taylor which you can watch here.



The White Island: Stephen Armstrong

Impress your mates with cool facts about Ibiza’s history

This book delves deep in to Ibiza’s extraordinary past and reads like a history of hedonism with stories of invasions, migrations, artists, conmen, drop outs and love-ins.

Read how the Carthaginians established a cult to their goddess of sex (Tanit) on the island in approx. 650 BC and how they named the island after Bez, their god of dance (not sure that has anything to do with the Happy Mondays though).

And if you thought it was only in modern times the island was used for down time and partying, think again! Roman centurions in need of a bit of down time between campaigns would go to Ibiza to get their kicks.

This well researched book is written by journalist and author Stephen Armstrong and will be a perfect read for anyone wanting to scratch under the surface of Ibiza’s history.



Ibiza Portraits: Jerome Ferriere

For the photography fanatics

This elegant book is a lavish compilation of black and white portraits of Ibiza’s iconic legends shot by renowned photographer Jérôme Ferrière. Jerome Ferriere has worked as a professional photographer for the past 20 years specialising in portraiture, reportage, advertising, fashion and live performance. His first book ‘Ibiza Portraits’ explores the authentic historical side of Ibiza through the lens of narratives of influencers and islanders and his imagery captures the real essence of his subject’s personality and spirit and the book.




Life is Ibiza: People Houses Life: Anne Poelmans

For the those that love architecture and interior design

Two hundred and forty pages of pure summer in a book! Life is Ibiza is the epitome of stye; including stunning photography of the most beautiful interiors and architecture on the island. Anne’s love and knowledge of the island is abundantly evident in her sumptuous book as she demonstrates the magical allure of the island on each page. Be warned though that the insanely extraordinary houses you’ll see in the book will have you plotting a bank job so you can have one too.

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