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How to be more ON111

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In summer 2018 we changed Thursdays at O Beach Ibiza forever, with the launch of ON111. 

Our new in-house event was created to unite people through the power of music and there’s meaning behind every facet of ON111. Take the name alone – to become ON111 is to become in unison and harmony; the combination of 111 means the beginning of a new path and 111 is the message that divine intervention is happening or about to happen.

Here’s our guide on how you can become more ON111:


Pick up the phone and check in on your crew! 

At ON111 2019, some of you dived onto our neon, retro mobile phone inflatables, floating around the pool chilling and talking – this is how to be more ON111!

Did you see our telephone show this season? Our dancers performed a choreographed routine on stage with black inflatable phones. Meanwhile aerialists did tricks off a giant, inflatable, fluro pink rotary phone in the sky, to a backdrop of Hotline Bling by Drake!

We’re sociable. Tagging friends in memes feels easier sometimes, but ON111 is all about meaningful conversations. 


This party was created to unify. That’s why we’ve associated the O Beach Ibiza weekly beach cleans with ON111.
Staff from every team here, along with volunteers like you, unite to clean the S’Arenal waterfront and beach to contribute towards ending plastic pollution, because there really aren’t plenty more fish in the sea.

Read more about our weekly beach cleans here.


  • ON111 GOAL
  • ON111 LOVE

To be more ON111, love genuinely! Help others, make them smile, talk to new people and remember that everyone is fighting their own battles.

We’re proud to partner with various charities including APNEEF, Proem-aid and the ABODE project. We’re also thrilled to have raised over €1460 for the leading blood cancer charity ACLT (African, Caribbean, Leukaemia trust) in support of our friend DJ Ace who was diagnosed with kidney failure. 


Music is life, that’s why our hearts have beats.

The ethos of ON111 is to bring people together, so be more ON111 by expressing feelings through music – because where words fail, music speaks.

This summer our entertainers marched in a positive protest, which interrupted ON111 to bring you a few important messages handed out on protest boards (plus special edition Pride protest boards):

  • Dance first, think later
  • Take more chances, dance more dances
  • Give the world a reason to dance

You’ve never seen anything like it: dancing eyeball characters (representing ON111 vision) performing in unison, two acrobats atop a lifesize orange tank (firing out ONLY love and confetti) handing out merch to unify guests, dancers dressed in neon, caution tape-inspired costumes holding the protest boards, and everyone dancing while the likes of DJ Spoony, Artful Dodger and other renowned DJs played the best of r’n’b, garage, hip hop and soulful house to ensure everyone danced, sang and smiled together.

Listen to DJ Spoony’s ON111 2019 mix to relive the summer.

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