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Fitness & Weightloss tips with The Skinny Kitchen

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We all know losing weight can be a bit of a slog so here’s our 7 special Skinny Kitchen tips to make that task a little easier.

1. Embrace green tea


‘Green Tea Caffeine’ has a thermogenic effect. This means it raises your body’s temperature and helps to burn more calories even while doing nothing. The optimum level per person is two cups a day, which can have as much as 100 calorie a day reduction. It may not seem a lot, but added to other activities and it will really add up into fat stripping overdrive. Green tea also contains tons of antioxidants which help clean your body of free radicals. The little toxins that make our bodies do bad things over time. Drink green tea to lose weight and possibly stay alive for longer.

2. Treat cardiovascular exercise like brushing your teeth, do it every day

This is the type of exercise that usually leaves you sweaty and involves pounding the pavement listening to the latest summer sound tracks. But it doesn’t need to be a strenuous run, it can be as little as a fast walk for 45 minutes in the morning or sat on an exercise bike playing with your phone, while working out which dates you want to visit O Beach Ibiza this summer. Fat burning is best done when working at a medium pace, this means your body doesn’t go into panic mode and start saving fat reserves. Great news for the hard work shy! 

3. Do your fat burning exercise before breakfast.

Burning calories on an empty stomach has been shown in some studies to deliver more fat dropping results. Also once you have it done in the morning, it leaves you with being able to spend the rest of the day doing what you want to do, for the real hardcore, it means you leave your evening open for a second workout, perhaps some weights circuits, for muscle shaping and more calorie blasting.



4. Get rid of sugar based fizzy drinks and soft drinks.

Aim to drink water or squash rather than gallons of sugar loaded fruit juices or Cola. If you are drinking beer, aim for a Coors Light instead of a Stella Artois or similar. Coors light has 100 calories per bottle, over 40%-50% less than conventional beers. It means double the bubbles for half the waist trouble.

TOP TIP: if you struggle to drink water alone, add some fresh fruit, like berries !

5. Keep a food diary.

MyFitnessPal is a great app to have on your phone, it allows you to track the total calories you eat each day and see whether you have over indulged or have built up a deficit. The secret to losing weight, is to burn more calories than you consume (Known as a calorie deficit). Smartphone apps that help you diarise your intake are an idiot proof way of really seeing how your diet looks. There is no need to follow a fad food plan if you stick to a moderate and varied diet, with a bit of exercise chucked in too. Live your life like this and you can have those cheat days that involve a bit of Ben and Jerry’s!

6. Aim to remove 500 calories from your diet a day.

Do this in two ways. 250 calories from cardiovascular exercise and 250 from your diet. For some this could simply be switching from full fat coke to a diet version or squash. Across the course of a week, along with your Green tea too, that adds up to 2 days of an average persons food intake you are eliminating. Its a recipe for a beach ready bod and higher self esteem.


 7. Our final TSK TOP TIP!

When on holiday in Ibiza, come and visit us at The Skinny Kitchen! TSK is Ibiza’s first and only gym based and authentic healthy eating restaurant, located in San Antonio and now in Kings Cross, London.

Carrer del General Prim, 8, 07820 Sant Antoni de Portmany, Illes Balears

0034 603 69 82 41


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