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Best Restaurants in Ibiza

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Dining out abroad can be slightly daring for most people, especially when your not sure where to go. Ibiza is filled with plenty of beautiful hidden restaurants, cafes and shacks with some of the best authentic food ! But they can be a little tricky to find. So the O Beach Ibiza staff are here to help. Here’s their favourite restaurants!

OB145Name: Sarah Kenealy
Position: Boutique Manager
Favourite Restaurant: Pastis, Ibiza Town

“I love Pastis, it’s this bustley little French restaurant in Ibiza Town.The food there is amazing and the atmosphere is great too. I like that you can see the chef doing his thing, it’s a nice touch. My favourite dish on the menu there is the Solomillo!”

Pastis – Ibiza Town


Name: Oskar Nyberg11377080_383049615233224_5556141121768322626_n
Position: VIP Waiter
Favourite Restaurant: Natural Pau – San Antonio

Natural Pau is a vegan friendly organic pizzeria just behind the O Beach Ibiza. It has a super nice atmosphere and the food made with TLC! I love the Fresca Pizza with tomato, mozarella and basil!” 

dancing leopaard
Natural Pau – San An


Name: Kristal Overthrow
Position: VIP Cashier
Favourite Restaurant: Can Tixedo Art Cafe – San Antonio

“Can Tixedo is an amazing tapas bar on the way to Santa Agnes. It’s a lovely quiet spot to have a glass of wine and some food with friends!” 


Can Tixedo – San Antonio



Name: Claudio Trovato
Position: VIP Manager
Favourite Restaurant: Es Terral – S. Eularia

Es Terral is a really small family restaurant in S.Eularia. They have a French chef that uses organic ingredients. The food is amazing and my favourite is the Entrecot! It’s the best!”

Es Terral - S.Eularia
Es Terral – S.Eularia


Name: Luci Lopez
Position: VIP Waitress
Favourite Restaurant: Sa Capella – San Antonio

Sa Capella is an old monestry up on a hill in San An! It’s such a unique and special place and it has an amazing view … I want to get married there! The food is just as amazing especially the Crepes Sousette and the staff are really welcoming too!”. 

Sa Capella


Name: Rachel Keeldancing leopaard
Position: Reservations Manager
Favourite Restaurant: Can Berri Vell – san agustin

Can Berri Vell is a quaint little restaurant in San Agustin that back in the 1700’s was a family home. It’s really cosy and romantic with lots of litle nooks and crannies and has beautiful surroundings. It’s great in the winter when they have their open fire on. The food is delicious there, I especially like the Sirloin Steak with Foi Gras and the Truffle and Fruits of the forest sauce!”

Can Berri Vell – San Agustin

So there you go, O Beach Ibiza‘s top 6 restaurants !
Wine, dine & enjoy!

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