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Best Beaches In Ibiza!

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By Rianna Clark, July 31, 2015


iBIZA is known as the party island of the world and it has been for many years! however what most people don’t realise is that that is only a fraction of what this beautiful island has to offer! now i’m talking about it’s breath taking beaches with pure white sands, hidden coves and crystal clear waters! believe it or not this teeny island is home to around 80 (yes 80) extraordinary beaches that you need to explore! we thought we’d get you started on your adventure by asking our staff here at ocean beach ibiza what their FAVORITE beaches on the island are and why.


11160611_10153285512844049_7776306508410151501_oGUIDO CATTANEO
vip supervisor

“It’s a very small beach where there is only one bar, you can fish there and even cliff dive. It’s very peaceful.  I love it there because not a lot of people know about it and it’s a bit out of the way which keeps it quiet and peaceful.”

Playa De S’estanyol


Beckie Finch 11703543_848577035236575_6594127795274184224_o
Shot Girl
Favourite beach:
Cala Salada – Sant Antoni de Portmany

“It’s a really lovely beach not too far away from San An which is handy. You kind’ve have to take a walk down a rocky set of cliff stairs to get to it which can be fun, feels more of an adventure. There’s also a few different types of watersports there”

cala salada
Cala Salada


Matt ferris
bar supervisor
favourite beach:
Cala bassa – sant joseph

“Cala Bassa is one of my favourite beaches on the island. It’s cool because it’s an easy destination to reach, you can even get a ferry there if you don’t fancy a drive. I like to hire a kayak for 20€, then if you stick to the right hand side you’ll find a cave where the roof has caved in so you and your mates can jump in! It’s really nice with the sun coming through, feels like It’s your own little hidden paradise ! Gotta love Ibiza aye!”

FullSizeRender (6)
Cala bassa


Gemma Charters
Events & Brand Manager
Favourite Beach:

“Benniras is a northern beach famed for its sunsets and drumming hippies on a Sunday! I like to feel like I’m on holiday on my day off so its great to drive across the island to Benniras, enjoy a dip in the crystal clear waters while watching the crazy people jumping off Cap Bernat ! Then I love to unwind with some amazing cocktails & food at Elements Beach Restaurant”



Dec O’Hara 10679719_708564675904479_8862933901974698702_o
PR Manager
Favourite beach:
Cala Conte – Sant Josep de sa Talaia

“Cala Conta’s a pretty nice beach! It’s about a 15minute drive from the beach club. It’s really popular in peak season so it’s always best to head down either in the morning or later on in the afternoon.  There’s a great restaurant there called Sunset Ashram  you’ll have to book in advanced as a lot of people go down as it’s a really nice sunset spot!”

cala conta

so go ahead! explore to your hearts content and have an adventure !

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