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Add some positivity to your daily scroll!


By Sophie Elsaalabi, December 30, 2019

As the seasons change and the days get shorter, many of us are wrapping up warm and braving the cold for that lovely commute to work.

In this transition period we have to give ourselves time to adjust to the new season, shorts and t.shirts get boxed up until next year and those warm winter coats and scarves come out of hiding. Here at O Beach Ibiza we are in the business of putting smiles on people’s faces and it doesn’t matter what time of year it is or where you are in the world.

So in order to help you bring some winter sunshine into your life we have listed a few instagram accounts that will be a lovely pick me up on a daily basis.


Photo credit to @renan_ozturk

Natgeo (National Geographer)

Sometimes we need to get lost in another world to open our eyes,and what better world to get lost in than the one around us. National Geographer offer jaw dropping images of nature from all over the globe allowing you to experience what a truly spectacular place we live in. Each image is explained in the caption opening you up to places and facts you never knew existed!




For the open-minded thinker who believes in the ability to manifest their dreams then look no further. This page will deliver you daily posts to feed the soul each post is a little reminder of what is important in life and helps you to stay mindful when in the hustle and bustle of your 9-5. It is all about transforming your life for the better, living a life full of gratitude and abundance.

Humans of New York

This inspiring account focuses on real people sharing snippets of celebratory moments in life some being small victories and others up-hill battles they have conquered and overcome. So for a page full of images of relatable people with stories to share that will make your heart melt this account will be sure to sprinkle a little love into your life.




Lindsey Maitland

For pictures that look so good you can almost taste them then the beautifully presented account of Linsey Maitland is definitely worth a follow. Her stunning images are of her own work in the kitchen, as author of the cookbook Healthy-ish. Not only do her dishes make your taste buds come alive by merely looking at them but she covers everything from healthy vegan dishes to tasty gluten free gooey chocolate brownies. So whether you’re wanting to indulge in tasty winter treats or find mouthwater healthy dishes to spice up that January health kick then this page is a great fit.



For a cute colourful account giving you daily reminders of the importance of self love then this page is for you. Not only does it present itself as an outlet of positive affirmations to help people grow within, but it is also a big advocate of mental health and the importance of sharing your problems to help you over- come them.



Fat buddha yoga

 No one can deny even the name Fat Buddha Yoga puts a smile on your face this page has a modern approach to the ancient art and practice of yoga. For any budding yogi this account has a contemporary spin making it a breath of fresh air to follow. Even the ones amongst us that don’t practice yoga there is still something to gain. Full of uplifting and funny memes putting every day issues in a light making them easier to understand and hopefully deal with.



Lucy Mountain

Lucy has a large following based on the way she can flip health and fitness on it’s head, she manages to deliver important messages in a lighthearted fun way simplifying what we ‘should’ be eating to anyone who isn’t an expert. People can often find the large amounts of information on fitness very daunting, especially when being fed images of people who live and breath bulking up or getting ripped, Lucy’s page is all about positive body image and how to maintain this while living a happy healthy life.