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Lauren Mulock!

over at the vip bar here at ocean beach ibiza you’ll find lauren mulock! but don’t worry if you can’t see her  (she is pretty tiny) you’ll most DEFINITELY hear her!
 i managed to grab a minute with a very busy lauren for a quick fire round of q&a.

Name: lauren mulock

Age: 23

Hometown: Portsmouth

position: vip bartender

 Run us through your typical day here at Ocean beach ibiza!
Well I wake up, sometimes… well most times hungover, I’ll get  ready and head for a nice breakfast at Apollo (where i live). I tend to start work at 1pm which is good and I’ll work through till close. When I’m finished I normally head home, grab some food and catch up with some of my friends. Then depending on how I’m feeling I might head out.


How long have you been working on the island?
About 2 months now, I started on the 15th May. It’s my first time on the island !
What do you love most about your job?
I love the atmosphere and I’m lucky to work alongside such great people. We are just like a big happy O Beach family really. The guests can really make me laugh with some of the things they can come out with after they’ve had a few! It’s a lot of fun !


Is there anything that drives you crazy ?
The HEAT! It can be pretty tough to work in it all day but you do kind of get used to it after a while
What advice would you give to someone wanting to start a season over here?
Do it!! Its the best thing i have ever done! But be prepared to work very hard and play hard! Basically, get as much sleep as you possibly can before you start, you won’t get much of it over here!

What has been your biggest challenge so far?
Right, THE HEAT! Combining partying and working ! Oh remembering everyones names ! that always gets me ! Learning all the different cocktails that we serve here. But I think the biggest is being away from home, that can be hard as I miss my mum a lot.
And your HIGHLIGHT so far?
Ah i did feel really proud when i first put on my O Beach Ibiza uniform and then i think meeting everyone in the first day of training because we all got along so well and I just knew i had made some friends for life!



you can see more of lauren here on our ‘Stoli By Stoli’ blog post Where
she demonstrates how to make two of our most popular
Ocean beach ibiza cocktails!

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