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A day in the life of an Ocean Beach Ibiza dancer

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O Beach Ibiza isn’t just known for it’s award winning pool parties but also for its spectacular array of production and entertainment from fabulous dancers to silk aerialists floating above the pool! Rhiannon Lucy , our dancer here has given us an insight into her world!

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you became a dancer. 

11831735_857857010975244_4849860508147773789_nHi! I’m Rhiannon, I’m 26 and I have been dancing ever since I can remember! Years ago I was asked to do some promo work for a club in the UK and they asked if I could dance. I gave it my best shot and soon enough I was dancing every weekend for them. Luckily because of that I was then asked by several DJ’s and event companies to dance for them at other venues and next thing I knew I was travelling around the UK dancing for clubs, events and even festivals! That’s when I then decided to take my dancing abroad! I started off on the smaller Spanish islands but I always dreamt of performing in Ibiza so I soon made the big move and landed my dream job at O Beach Ibiza! 

Talk us through your typical day here at the beach club.

My typical day at the venue would start by heading straight to the dressing room fresh faced and raring to go. Our lovely make up artist David will then transform my face with all sorts of wonderful make up creations depending on the theme of the party that day. My hair is then styled before I get to play dress up in the incredible costumes (every girls dream) Sparkles! Glitter! Feathers! The lot!Then we’re ready to take the podium for our first set. We work 15mins on, 45 mins off which may sound easy but trust me with the weight of the costumes, hair pieces, heels and the heat, it definitely isn’t. During our breaks we will chill and refresh, although on the busier party days you will no doubt find us mingling and having some fun.

What is your favourite event to perform at O Beach Ibiza and why? 

My favourite has to be Hed Kandi on a Monday and our 11899853_864696346957977_4083852945017508423_nFriday Pool Party! The atmospheres are just unreal and as a dancer there is nothing more exciting than dancing in front of a crowd that are having the time of their lives! It’s such an adrenaline rush! My favourite costume of them all is the swan costume!


Being a dancer I assume you need to keep fit, how do you keep yourself in shape? 

Yes you do! It’s really important for em to keep a fit and healthy lifestyle. But since moving here I’ve been attending regular HIIT classes with The Workout Club Ibiza as well as hitting the gym a few times a week.

What has been the high light of your time here so far?

My high light so fair has been making so many new friends and fulfilling my dream as a dancer in Ibiza! Even if I never get to dance again, I’m so happy that I reached my goal!


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