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7 ways to keep up your fitness whilst on your Ibiza Holiday!

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By Rianna Clark, June 11, 2015

You´ve worked really hard to get that Ibiza summer body, but now how do you stay in such good shape and still have the best time of your life?
Well here´s our top 7 tips to keep you in shape this summer.

1. Dance, dance and dance some more!

Did you know that dancing is one of the best exercises out there? And the best thing is that you will never run short on places to dance here in Ibiza!


2. Have Sex!

Yep. Everybody is thinking about it so let´s just say it. Having sex is the most intense form of HITT training you can get! You´ve all heard it before, be wise and use a condom.

3. Beach Yoga

beach yoga

After a great evening on the town nothing can be more relaxing to start your day with some yoga. And if you go for a yoga teacher, they are able to create a challenging flow of movements specifically for you. We recommend Leanna of Yoga Mojo Ibiza! You can find more info on Leanna here at workout-club-ibiza-beach-yoga-sessions/

4. Beach Tennis

In Ibiza, it is very common to see couples playing beach tennis. It´s fun and very tiring. If you visit Aguas Blancas up in the north of the island you will witness great players of all ages with fantastic bodies! I rest my case.


 5. Book a Personal Trainer

Not only can you get some new training ideas, but you can challenge yourself whilst being motivated and pushed to a higher level. A Personal Trainer helps you  to discover your outer limits at some of the beautiful spots Ibiza has to offer. To start your personal training experience visit the link

Battlerobe men.

6. Go for a walk

There are various great walks and walking groups on the island. It is fun, you will meet great people, you see stunning locations you normally never would and you work up a sweat.

7. Jump off a cliff

I hear you thinking “what the…?”  But staying in shape is not only about the body, it is also about the mind. Cliff diving is fun, exciting and great for your body and mind.


For more information check out the TWC website here