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7 Steps To A Brighter Autumn

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It has been over a month since the closing party of O Beach ibiza –  sunshine, cocktails and swimming pools are starting to feel like a distant memory. As we enter a colder time of year it has us thinking about all the things that get us fired up for Autumn and excited for the months ahead.

At O Beach we don’t just know how to have a great summer, we also know how to get the most out of our winter too. With us on your side the next few months are going to be positive, exciting and productive. Here is a 7 step guide to having your best Autumn so far …… Enjoy!




Step 1: Decluttering your home

“The first step in crafting the life you want is to get rid of everything you don’t want”

It is believed that decluttering is a great way to achieve success in your working and social life.  Some people may read this and be skeptical, however it does make sense that holding on to unwanted goods doesn’t leave room for attracting new and exciting things into your world. November is the perfect month to empty the cupboards and ask yourself this question:  “Do I really NEED this”

So with the changing season why not use this time to make way for all of the new and exciting things you want from the months ahead. So bag up all your unwanted goods, take them to the

local charity shop and enter the New Year feeling fresh and revitalized!

There is a great charity website that offers a clothes collection service to the charity of your choice, making it even easier to donate to a good cause. Please follow the link to learn more



Step 2: Winter Fashion

While decluttering and emptying the wardrobes it is the perfect time to rifle through your amazing winter pieces revealing items you totally forgot you had and falling back in love with them, usually dark in colour and sturdy in design ready for the season ahead.

There is nothing quite like layering up with cosy knits, your favourite pair of jeans or leather trousers teamed with your staple pair of winter boots and finished with either a trench coat, faux fur gilet or oversized jumper. It almost makes you happy to be outside just so you can show off how uber stylish you are.

If you are looking to give your winter wardrobe a little life, the guys at ISIF have some amazing winter pieces and they’ve even done some of the work for you by selecting their favourite winter wear



Step 3: Writing your bucket list

“Travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer”

If you are still feeling the cold even with your stylish winter threads on, then don’t fear there are many countries in the world that are still benefiting from the glorious sunshine.

So why not tick off one from the bucket list, whether it be jetting off to South America and travelling  Colombia, Peru, Brazil or Chile, to name a few or going down under and exploring the East coast of Australia for an adventure you won’t forget.

If you want to keep the journey to a minimum then Tenerife can also be a great option as their season is all year round and they benefit from good weather throughout.

For more winter destinations please have a look at our Top winter sun destinations blog 2017



Step 4: Winter Exercise

Another great way to stay warm this winter is by getting stuck into a good exercise class or getting back into the gym and working up a sweat.

Exercise is always a good idea – not only does it boost your serotonin levels but it also releases endorphins putting you in a positive frame of mind. You never regret going, so spend time this Autumn pushing yourself to new limits and enter the New Year feeling the best version of yourself!



Step 5: Always reward yourself

Tis the season to be jolly – well full of Hot chocolate and Mulled wine and if that doesn’t get you excited I don’t know what will. Whether it’s the fluffy marshmallows melting into the smooth rich chocolate or the warm festive Christmas wine that fills the room with that sweet feel good aroma, we are happy. And the best thing about it is, this time of year they are all guilt free!

If you would like to transport yourself back to sunnier times, why not make yourself a fruity Ciroc Summer Colada and really get your friends and family into the spirit of things, Please click on the link below for the full recipe



Step 6: Netflix and Boxsets

Everyone loves a boxset, especially one that has you gripped for hours, so much so you don’t realise you are now on episode 13 and its 3am! A good series is a great way to hide from the grey skies and create your own little sunshine, snuggled under a duvet while occasionally dipping your hand into some sort of treat. Keep tuned for our top Netflix series for this winter coming soon.


Step 7 Cuddles:

Autumn is the perfect time to use the cold as an excuse for staying in and cuddling loved ones.

Not only is cuddling good for the soul it is also scientifically proven to increase Oxytocin which is a bonding hormone and in effect helping with stress and anxiety.

So use this time to reconnect with your friends and family, snuggled on the sofa watching old Christmas films, getting you into the spirit of the season with people the you love the most!

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